How To Learn Spanish Grammar For Free

If you want to learn Spanish, then you’ll have to learn Spanish grammar. There’s no way around it. Granted, there are native Spanish speakers who never learned proper Spanish grammar because they never went to school, and so, yes, it is possible to learn how to speak Spanish without ever studying Spanish grammar. In fact, there are a number of CDs that you can purchase which claim to teach you to speak Spanish in just minutes a day. Well, this is a question of how serious you are about learning the Spanish language, and also it involves consideration of the purpose of wanting to learning Spanish.

The Internet has been great to students of foreign languages. And the Internet should be your first stop to learning Spanish grammar for free. There is no reason to pay for books or audio CDs. There are a number of very useful websites that go over the many Spanish grammar rules that you will need to learn, such as

Another way to learn Spanish grammar for free is to find an exchange partner. Yes, that’s right. Language exchange partners aren’t just for conversational practice. A native Spanish speaker who is learning your native language is probably in just as much need to learn the grammar rules of your native language as you are to learn Spanish grammar. Check out the local community colleges and their E.S.L. departments. There you will be able to find students who are native Spanish speakers that are trying to learn your native tongue.

A great way to meet other students studying Spanish is through Pretty much every major city has an organized Spanish language meetup group, in which fellow students, from beginners to advanced, meet up once or twice a month to speak Spanish. This is a great place to meet others who are learning Spanish and ask questions. Generally, the organizer will arrange to have native Spanish speakers present.

Also check out Yahoo Groups. There are a ton of Spanish groups that you can join. As you are learning Spanish grammar, you can post questions in the forums and get feedback.

Finally, go meet native Spanish speakers wherever you can find them! Make new friends, find a boyfriend or girlfriend that speaks Spanish, and you’re Spanish grammar will instantly take off!!!

Best of luck studying Spanish and learning Spanish grammar!