Lesson 10 – Conjugating ER & IR Spanish Regular Verbs In The Present Tense

Now it’s time to learn how to conjugate Spanish regular verbs in the present tense that end in either “ER” or “IR.” But hey, there’s some good news here! Both “ER” and “IR” ending verbs in Spanish have the same root conjugations except for Nosotros. Here are the root endings that you will replace the “ER” or “IR” with:

-o (yo)
-es (tú)
-e (él, ella, usted)
-emos (nosotros – “ER” verbs) or -imos (nosotros – “IR” verbs)
-en (ellos, ellas, ustedes)

Simple as that. Let’s take a look at some examples:

ER Verbs

Comer (to eat) – yo como, ella come, nosotros comemos, ustedes comen.
Beber (to drink) – tú bebes

IR Verbs

Vivir (to live) – yo vivo, él vive, nosotros vivimos, ellos viven
Recibir (to receive) – tú recibes

Note: Just like AR verbs, there are also ER and IR verbs that are irregular or and in the present tense undergo a special change in the stem (front part) of the verb. These we will get into later.