Lesson 11 – Spanish Regular Verbs with Irregular First-Person Conjugation In The Present Tense

In the past two learn Spanish lessons, we have learned how to conjugate Spanish regular verbs – the AR, ER and IR verbs in the present tense. Now there are a handful of verbs that are conjugated like any regular Spanish verb, except for in the first-person (“Yo” form) conjugation.

Here is the list of verbs and their “Yo” (1st person) form conjugations:

Conocer (to know) – Yo conozco
Dar (to give) – Yo doy
Estar (to be) – Yo estoy
Hacer (to do/make) – Yo hago
Saber (to know) – Yo
Salir (to go out, leave) – Yo salgo
Ver (to see) – Yo veo

Now for the rest of the conjugations for the other subject pronouns like tú, él, ella, usted, nosotros, ustedes, ellos, ellas, the conjugations stay the same as you learned in previous lessons for AR and ER/IR regular verbs in the present tense.