Lesson 14 – The Spanish Irregular Verb Poder – to be able to

Time to learn another very handy Spanish verb, Poder, which means “can or to be able to.”

Poder, being an irregular verb, means it’s not conjugated the normal way, rather, there is a stem-change: o –> ue (except with nosotros)

Here is how to conjugated Poder:

Yo puedo (I can, or I am able to …)
Tú puedes (You can…)
Ã?l/Ella/Usted puede (He/She/You can …)
Nosotros podamos (We can)
Ellos/Ellas/Ustedes pueden (They/You can …)

Now, including this lesson, you should now know how to conjugate the Spanish verbs: Ir, Tener and Poder. These are all great connector verbs, which you can use to expand your communications in Spanish.

With Poder, you can now express in Spanish all the things you can or cannot do. For example:

Yo puedo correr rápido (I can run fast).
No puedes comer mucho. (You can’t eat a lot).
Él puede patinar, bailar y concinar. (He can skate, dance and cook).