Lesson 2: Learn Spanish – Start Speaking – Meet and Greet

Now that you’ve developed good Spanish-alphabet pronunciation skills and feel confident in reciting the Spanish alphabet, it’s time to move on to speaking Spanish. At this point, it would logically seem like you should start learning Spanish grammar, but I advise against that. Learning a language is like learning anything else that is new and exciting. If you lose motivation, you’ll lose interest.

Don’t forget that as children we naturally learn to speak our native language first and then we attend school and learn all the grammar rules. This is no different.It’s safe to say that most people learning Spanish are doing so to be able to speak it. That’s the fun part about being able to orally communicate with others. So instead of getting into the heavy stuff like Spanish grammar, we’re going to start off by learning how to meet and greet others in Spanish.Note that in Spanish there is a formal way of addressing “you” and an informal way. We’re going to focus on the informal way for now.

We’re not going to start worrying about why this or why that in terms of Spanish grammar. For now we don’t need to know anything about Spanish grammar. What I want you to do is simply memorize these phrases and practice using them. Know these phrases inside and out and become comfortable. Trust me, once we get into Spanish grammar, everything will come together and you’ll say, just as I once did, “Ahhhh, now I see why this is like that! Makes total sense!”

Note: when you see “a/” it means that you subsitute the “o” with an “a” when it’s a female speaking. Gender plays a role in the Spanish language.

Hola (Hi, hello)
Buenos dí­as (Good morning)
Buenas tardes (Good afternoon/evening – use this from 11am to 7pm)
Buenas noches (Good evening/night)
¿Cómo estás? (How are you?)
Me llamo Nancy (My name is Nancy)
Mucho gusto (Nice to meet you)
¿Cómo te llamas? (What’s your name?)
¡Estoy excelente! (I’m excellent!)
¡Estoy maravilloso/a! (I’m wonderful)
Estoy contento/a (I’m happy)
Estoy bien (I’m okay, I’m fine)
No estoy bien (I’m not okay, I’m not fine)
Estoy malo/a (I’m doing bad)
Estoy así así­ (I’m so-so)
Estoy triste (I’m sad)
Adios (bye)
Chau (bye)
Nos vemos (See you around, until we see each other again)
Nos hablamos (We’ll talk soon)
Hasta pronto (See you soon)
Hasta luego (See you later)
Hasta mañana (See you tomorrow)

So there you go, now you are ready to meet and greet any Spanish-speaker! To listen to some audio pronunciation of some of these phrases and to learn more of them, visit Spanish Meeting People Phrases.