Lesson Articles

Article / Artículos

Definite and Indefinite articles – Artículos Definidos y IndefinidosArticles are words that precede the substantive (a noun).


Definite article: used to indicate that a thing is unique in some way.



  • El coche – The car (El / the – refer to a specific car and not to any car)

Indefinite article: used to indicate that a thing is not identified as unique.


  • Un auto – A car (Un/ A – refer to any car)

In Spanish the article must agree in gender and number with the noun, which means that the definite article el, for example, should precede a singular and masculine. Study the chart below:

 Articles   Definite – singular / pluralThe  Indefinite – singular / pluralA / Some
 Masculine  El     / Los Un     / Unos
Feminine  La     / Las Una     / Unas


  • el libro – the book   / los libros – the books
  • un coche – a car  / unos coches – some cars
  • la casa – the house / las casas – the houses
  • una niña – a girl / unas niñas – some girls

Neutral article – Artículo Neutro

The neutral article is used with an adjective, when the adjective is being used as a substantive (as a noun).


Ella hizo lo mejor que pudo. (She did the best she could)



Before a person’s name is not necessary to use articles.

The article “el y uno” must be used when a noun starts with the vowel “a” or with “ha”. But when the noun is in the plural form this principle is not applied.


El agua (the water) – las aguas (the waters)

El arte (the art) – las artes (the arts)