Plural in Spanish / Plural de Las Palabras

General Rule – Regla GeneralWords ending in vowels – add “s”

 Singular  Plural  Translation
 casa  casas  house– houses
 mesa  mesas  Table – tables
 plato  platos   plate – plates

Words ending in consonants  –  Palabras que terminan en consonantesGeneral Rule: words ending in consonants – add “es”

 Singular  Plural  Translation
 pan  panes   bread– breads
 avión  aviones  airplane – airplanes
 papel  papeles  paper – papers
 actor  actores  actor – actors

Words ending in “z” – add “es” and change “z” for “c”


 Singular  Plural  Translation
 luz  luces  light– lights
 actriz  actrices  actress – actresses
 nariz  narices   nose – noses






Words ending in “s” – Palabras que terminan en “s”
1. Add  “es” if the last syllable is stressed

 Singular  Plural  Translation
 japonés  japoneses  Japanese – japaneses
 dios  dioses  god– gods

2. The word remains unchanged if the last syllable is not stressed

 Singular  Plural  Translation
 crisis  crisis  crisis