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Kellee Day - Dallas / - I am a native fluency speaker of Spanish and I have privately taught and tutored Spanish for 4 years. My specialization is AP and university level Spanish grammar. I also pride myself on my ability to taking students who are failing in Spanish and completely turn them around - helping them to become confident Spanish speakers with a strong command of grammar.

Cristina - North Palm Beach / - SPANISH CONVERSATIONAL CLUB in Palm Beach County!For people who are interesting in improving their conversational skills. Meet once or twice a week in a loose, relaxed, fun atmosphere to interact with a group of upper elementary/intermediate level students only in SPANISH.

claudio - west hollywood / - Private lessons by experienced native Spanish speaker tutor available for\r\nchildren and adults.\r\n\r\nOver four years of experience tutoring Spanish to English speakers in NYC\r\nand LA\r\n\r\nLessons are tailored according to each student’s specific needs. Any level\r\nof knowledge from beginner to advanced. Business Spanish lessons and\r\nconversational classes are available. \r\n\r\n

Cristina - West Palm Beach / - Spanish Professional Translations. www.Oh-Lah.com All kinds of documents: -- Letters/Newsletters -- Employee handbook -- Websites -- Marketing materials: brochures, fliers, postcards Contact us with more details about the document you would like to translate. Cristina Cardona: (561)228-1375

Craig Jull - World wide / - Live personal Spanish lessons online with native teachers from Latin America. We tutor students world wide 7 days a week via Skype.\r\nGet a qualified Spanish teacher when you want.\r\nhttp://www.121speech.com We provide everything you need for fast and easy learning.\r\nFree 1 hour trial class


Mark A. Milam - Goodwater / Alabama - Spanish Teacher / Spanish Translator - I have been teaching for 10 years in The Birmingham, Al area. I have classes that are exciting,fun and easy to learn the Spanish language. I will have 15 new classes in 2008 and you may be a part in it on line. I also translate for city, state court and documents of all kinds.

vkskgsbhhq - NY / Alabama - ogc0Dh uzhzyjhajdkw, [url=http://uvintuajkndb.com/]uvintuajkndb[/url], [link=http://exurbgrxvwei.com/]exurbgrxvwei[/link], http://zrsynrkipume.com/

Craig - Online direct from Guatemala / Alabama - We are the lowest cost online Spanish language school providing you with a professional education and excellent customer service. We have qualified Spanish teachers to give you one on one lessons to suit your timetable. Classes to suit your schedule from anywhere there is an internet connection. No more hours spent listening to boring CD's, with our personal 1 on 1 tuition you learn fast. Here you will get 2 lessons free, so you can truly evaluate our teachers and system before paying anything. No driving miles to a school to attend an overcrowded Spanish class.


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Crystal Dunlap - Chandler / Arizona - I'm in my third year of studying Spanish at the high school level and a straight A student throughout the program. I will be attending Arizona State University in the fall, majoring in Spanish Language. Eventually I plan to teach English in underprivileged areas. I can tutor students in the Spanish 1-3 level. Funnily enough, the Mr. Ryan Norton on this page has been one of my Spanish teachers and advised me to advertise on here :)

nicole - Chandler / Arizona - Want to teach your children a second language? Start early because children are most capable of learning multiple languages at a young age. I am a highly developed early childhood teacher. I have taken over 6 years of Spanish language instruction and have years of experience teaching Spanish at a preschool level. Get your child started today! Available for one on one instruction. I will also give a group discount!!!

Guillermo - Glendale / Arizona - SPANISH Tutor I am available to be your instructor or your tutor in Spanish. I can help you in conversation, composition, translation, grammar, spelling, essays, or in your homework assignments. Qualifications: -BA Elementary School Teacher in Mexico -BA Spanish Major in University of Arizona in Tucson -A valid Arizona substitute teaching certificate -AZ State Fingerprinted Card Muchas Gracias.

Guillermo - Glendale / Arizona - I can be your instructor or your tutor in Spanish. I can help you in Reading, Writing, Grammar, Spelling, Composition, Translation, etc. Also I can help you in your Homework assignments, your Essay assignments, or simply Conversation. I am a native Spanish speaker. I got a B.A. Elementary School Teacher in Mexico. I got a B.A. Spanish Major in the University of Arizona in Tucson. I have a valid Arizona substitute teaching certificate and also an AZ State Fingerprinted Card.

Ryan Norton - Mesa / Arizona - I am a certified Spanish teacher that also tutors on the side. I am currently teaching high school. I spent almost three years as an adjunct college instructor. I lived in Argentina for 22 months. I completed some of my graduate studies in Costa Rica. I worked in Cal State University (San Marcos) Language Learning Center for over a year. I also worked with international students for over 6 years. And, most of all, I know how to teach.

Guiselle Chinchilla - Scottsdale / Arizona - I am a native speaker from Costa Rica. I have extensive experience teaching spanish to kids and adults. I have a bachelor degree in Education and translation. Email me and we will work in a specific lesson plan for you.

Marcia - Tempe / Arizona - You can learn to speak Spanish. If you are tired of unsuccessful self study or academic courses you are not alone. Our Spanish course excels at teaching you to speak Spanish even after only your first lesson. Our teachers are very experienced and understand your needs as a student. We offer flexible schedules, customized lessons and one on one instruction and conversation practice. Group conversational classes are also available. We have instructors available in: Tempe, Mesa, Chandler, Phoenix, Scottsdale and Paradise Valley. Your first lesson is FREE.

Brenda - Tempe / Arizona - The Spanish Learning Center is a community based school that will help you to communicate properly in Spanish. You will also learn about Latin American culture. The instructor is a fun and well educated native speaker from Guatemala with 15 years of experience teaching languages. You can learn more about the school (schedule, reviews, location etc) at: spanishlearningcenteraz.com or call to 602-696-8399. You can have private or small-group lessons. Classes for corporations is also an option. The school is located very close from Tempe Public Library.


Seth White - Conway / Arkansas - Amerigo Language Solutions is a full-service language solutions provider. Contact us today for your Spanish and Portuguese learning needs today. From private classes for individuals, to corporate and church classes, Amerigo is your choice for great language learning. www.amerigolanguagesolutions.com

Alejandra Carballo - Little Rock / Arkansas - Experienced Spanish instructor provides tutoring to individual or groups. All levels. Spanish for Specific purposes (Medical, Business, teachers, Law).Flexible timetables. Please contact me for specific information. Translation of documents also available.

Belen Jordana - Little Rock / Arkansas - HI!! I am a Spanish journalist. I come from Madrid, Spain and I can help you to learn conversational and grammatical Spanish. On a personal level or group. Don't hesitate to contact me by mail to have a first meeting! mbelen-ja@hotmail.com

Belen Gomez-Jordana - Little Rock / Arkansas - Hi!! My name is Belen. I'm from Madrid, Spain and I'm looking for an interchange language in Little Rock. I want to improve my english and this is a good way to do it! Thank you, if you are interested you can contact me at mbelen_ja@hotmail.com

caitlin - little rock / Arkansas - Need help writing a Spanish paper? Need help editing or translating? I can help! I have my Bachelor's degree in Spanish and have been studying Spanish for over 10 years. I've lived in Spain and am bilingual. Let me help you make your Spanish homework easier! Email me and I will get back with you within 24 hours.


Maria Macias - Bakersfield / California -

Teresa Garza & Marcelo de León - Berkeley / California - Teresa Garza & Marcelo de León - Berkeley, CA - We are both native speakers, university graduates, with 18 years of teaching experience each. We offer tutoring for individuals, groups and businesses/ organizations with Spanish-speaking clients. We also provide proofreading and translation services. Reasonable rates.

elizabeth - california / California - nice good looking ready to lean

CollinsTutoring - Carlsbad / California - Peruvian Spanish Teacher/Tutor (760) 729-4220 collinstutoring@gmail.com Bio: Karina Collins has taught Spanish, World History, Geometry, English, Study Skills and United States History for four years as a high school Teacher. She has also tutored students in grades K-12 for the past eight years. She currently is completing a M.A. degree in Education and Spanish. She completed her B.A. of Spanish Literature and International Relations at the University of California, Davis and the Univesidad del Belgrano in Argentina. After travelling and living abroad within the countries of Argentina, Brazil, Peru, Mexico, Venezuela, Nepal, Thailand and Ireland, Karina has since integrated multicultural practices for learning in order to reach students from diverse backgrounds. She greatly enjoys developing each student's potential through individualized programs. As a past A.P. Scholar and current College Board certified A.P. Teacher, Karina helps her students to have access to the most current instructional practices. She collaborates with Spanish teachers throughout the country and has attended the A.P. Summer Institute for Teaching Professionals at CSUSM. Tutoring is available for individuals, groups/businesses/organizations, in addition to proofreading and translation services. Reasonable rates.

Patricia - Davis / California - Aprenda la lengua y la cultura espanola en el verano! I am an experienced language instructor and a graduate from UC Davis seeking an opportunity as a Spanish teacher next Summer. I am currently teaching Spanish at Merryhill school and I also taught Spanish at the UCD Spanish department for several years. I also have experience with singing Spanish songs to babies and tots (including my own daughter). I also have a vast experience tailoring language courses to adults, both in ESL and Spanish (I also have a degree in ESL and linguistics. Please contact me for any enquiries.

Miriam Sachs Martin - Davis / California - Experienced, engaging, and downright fun tutoring in Conversational Spanish for students ages 5-85 in the Davis, California area. Individual and group lessons available. Visit http://sites.google.com/site/easydoesittoday/home/tutoring for more information.

Luisa Lizaso - El Cerrito / California - I am a native Spanish speaker from Spain with more than ten years of teaching and tutoring experience at all levels. I offer tutoring for individuals, groups, & business organizations. I also provide editing & translation services. Reasonable rates, please contact me for a quote.

odalmis molina - Hawthorne / California - I am a Spanish teacher with 13 years of experience teaching spanish Grammar, Speaking,Reading, Listening and Comprehension in all hte levels. I got my degree in Cuba.

Madina D. - Inland Empire / California - I have a Master's Degree in Spanish Literature, Linguistics, and Civilization. I lived in Spain for a time where I took Spanish literature classes and taught English. I absolutely love Spanish! I wrote my undergraduate thesis on how to learn Spanish as a second language. I have worked with students from all over the world and they love my approach. I love teaching students high frequency vocabulary, grammar, tenses, and introducing them to great elements of the culture such as movies and music. A few suggestions: Todos los hombres sois iguales & Nueve reinas -- Two of my personal favorite comedies! :) Enjoy.

Fun Spanish Classes! - Livermore / California - Learn Spanish in a fun and relaxed atmosphere! *Interactive Teaching Methodology. *Emphasis on conversation with thorough coverage of grammar, vocabulary and culture. *Possibility to discuss a variety of topics: politics, geography, economy, popular culture, history, etc. *All levels (Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced) *Materials are included. Flexible schedule Affordable rates A friendly communicative method which will give you the necessary tools to achieve your goal to communicate in Spanish quickly. I provide a personal classes to teach you according to your needs. Training a student to see the world from a new cultural perspective. For more information contact me e-mail:marcelablasiyh@yahoo.com http://spanishclasses-marcela.blogspot.com/

Graciela Cochran - Los Altos / California - Spanish Courses for Kids and Adults. KIDS: We will use a basal textbook, sing songs, play games, eat snacks, and watch videos. The classes are conducted mostly in Spanish by native Spanish speakers. The classes are fun and stress-free. Excellent way to develop accent-free speaking. Hispanic culture is also presented. We offer individual and small group courses.

Edwin Portillo - Los Angeles / California - I am an experienced and qualified native Spanish speaker Instructor and I offer customized one-on-one Spanish classes according to your needs and small Spanish group classes for all levels, also for corporations. For your convenience Private classes are placed at centric Cafes, your home or your office. Classes can be arranged at any time.

jonelle vette - Los Angeles / California - I love helping people learn Spanish! It’s really fun. I’m fluent in Spanish from having grown up with parents who lived and worked in Puerto Rico and El Salvador and having heard fluent Spanish since I was a young child. I have been studying the language in its written form since grade school (I am now 33). It was my foreign language of choice in high school and my major in college.

My Spanish Eye - Los Angeles / California - My Spanish Eye (www.myspanisheye.com) is committed to honoring and embracing the Spanish Language through an inspiring, fresh and organic approach to teaching and by providing spontaneous Spanish speaking opportunities in Los Angeles. Each series of classes starts with a free initial meeting where we discuss your goals for learning Spanish, as well as how you hope to put it to use in your life. From there, we begin your customized class series. You can expect to use a wide variety of fun and timely course materials, from pop song lyrics to contemporary news items. We may even draw from recipes, literature, or a marketplace field trip! We like to use many different learning tools, because just as life can’t be contained in a book, learning cannot be contained in a simple classroom.

SPANISH!! ESPAÑOL!! SPANISH!! - LOS ANGELES / California - If you plan to travel to a Spanish speaking country, If you want to learn or improve your speaking, listening, writing and comprehension skills, If you need to sound more professional, to be understood more easily and without having to repeat yourself, improving your accent, I CAN TEACH YOU! Professionals, travelers, students. Lessons are tailored to help students to reach their specific goals. ** At your house, office or convenient place. ** Private lessons and corporate trainings. I am UBA (Buenos Aires University, Argentina) graduate with more than 15 years of teaching experience. I specialize in helping people learn to speak my native language: SPANISH. ** Degrees, resume and references available email: voces.latinas@hotmail.com

Chrissy - Oakland / California - I am a Native Spanish/Castellano Speaker from Peru. I am currently working on my MD/PhD at UCSF. I love to tutor Spanish to people from all backgrounds! Great Rates, contact me so we can begin now!

Ernesto Moran - Oakland / California - I am a native Spanish speaker (Cuban). Graduated from Higher Institute of Foreign Languages (ISPLE), University of Havana. My tutoring efforts are aimed at helping students to improve their grades, teaching Spanish to businesspersons and others who need it in their everyday interaction with Spanish speaking people. I have mainly concentrated on teaching conversational Spanish to businesspeople, students, and anyone requiring such skills and others as well. Tutoring also include students who have beginners, intermediate or advanced Spanish status. I can tutor or teach one-on-one or to small groups. I am well acquainted with business, political, medical, legal, and other terms/fields. I have a Degree in Education, English as a Second Language with outreach in Translation and Interpretation.

Nuria Díaz García - Palo Alto / California - I'm a native speaker with a university degree from Spain. I worked with kids from 3 to 14 years old in my country, but I'm able to teacher every type of spanish lessons (begginers to advanced or professional). I live in Palo Alto but I can move to Menlo Park, Los Altos or Mountain View. I offer spanish private lessons or spanish support with homework. Please, if you are interested contact me: nuriadiazgarcia@outlook.com Rates from 25 to 50$ (depends on the type of lessons).

iLoveSpanish - Sacramento / California - We are proud to offer every kind of Spanish class possible, from one-on-one classes to complete Online courses. Need help with your Spanish homework? Would you like Spanish documents prepared? Click here! We have been proudly serving Sacramento as well as the San Francisco Bay Area since 1999. ¡Matriculad vosotros ahora mismo!

Paulo - Sacramento / California - Hola! Spanish tutoring lessons in the Sacramento/CSUS area. Im a native speaker college student from Colombia with more than 3 years of experience as a turor and translator. I provide: - Turoring and assistance with homework/projects at a highschool/college graduate and undergraduate level. - Spanish tutoring and conversation sessions for businesspersons/travelers - Document translation - Meet at your office, house or convenient place. - Flexible hours and rates For more information, contact Paulo at moralescas@hotmail.com. Thank you!

Christina Mirafiore - Sacramento / California - My name is Christina Mirafiore. I am of Italian descent, but speak both Spanish and Italian. I tutored Spanish at Sacred Heart University in Connecticut where I earned a BA in International Business and a minor in Spanish. I work full time for GE Capital, however would be free to teach any time after 5 on weekdays and any time on the weekends. If interested, please contact me at macpug17@aol.com or 203 209 9922. Thank you.

Paul - San Diego / California - The Spanish lessons I offer are tailored to meet your goals. Whether you are a professional looking to advance your career, or a high school or college student looking for better grades and real world applications, I can help you with grammar, pronunciation, oral comprehension, reading, and writing. For more information please visit my website: http://www.sandiegospanishtutor.com

THE SPANISH INSTITUTE - CARLSBAD & SAN DIEGO - SAN DIEGO / California - CERTIFIED NATIVE TEACHERS AND TUTORS (760) 637 4945 - (619) 573 9449 www.thespanishinstitute.org - email: spanish@thespanishinstitute.org LEARN SPANISH NOW - INVEST IN "TOMORROW": Classes for Individuals, Travel, Children, Business, Medical, School; High School; College students, Legal, Real State, Fire Fighters, Customer service, etc. • Immersion classes • Semi-private group sessions • One on one sessions and in home tutoring • Conversation groups • All levels: Beginners, Intermediate, Advanced, and Conversational • Helping you in learning as much as possible before you travel, move or retire abroad • Spanish for Individual Business Travel, Medical, Marketing, Business, Legal, Fire Fighters, Real Estate, Customer Service • Helping to increase and obtain the grades you want • Classes for children and college students. Don't let your child to struggle with Spanish, make a change!

Adan - San Francisco / California - Classes for beginner to advanced level Brief materials for classes will be provided. Lessons one on one in business or travel with native speaking professional instructor. Learn Practical Speaking skills. Easy, conversational approach. Special in SF main library-Civic Center.

cristina - san francisco / California - I am a native teacher from Spain, with training accredited from University or Barcelona. I have experience teaching Spanish as a foreign language at all levels. I believe in teaching Spanish as a funny process in which I transmit my passion for this beautiful language.

Casa Hispana - San Francisco / California - Casa Hispana brings the study of Spanish to life. Since 1985, we have provided a warm atmosphere where our instructors foster students to confidently absorb and apply the language. Casa Hispana teaches only Spanish. All of our instructors are native speakers with backgrounds in Education. Their skills and experience, along with our method, make it easier for you to learn in a fully Spanish atmosphere, and to express yourself with ease and confidence from the very first day.

orlando fish - San Francisco/San diego / California - I need a spanish tutor in all these area for my son, kindly contact me if you are interested in rendering the service and let me know your name, your location/city/zip code, your email and your phone number. I will get back to you and make sure you send me an email direct to my email (orlandofish38@yahoo.com). Cheers.

Yris Diaz - San Pedro / California - LEARN SPANISH RIGHT NOW!! ESPANOL!!!Hello my name is Yris, I am native speaker of Spanish (My first Language), I'm from Lima - Peru (South America). I have experience teaching kids of all ages..I used to work in my country as a TEACHER/TUTOR. I am very funny, energetic, responsible and outgoing person. Spanish is my strongest subject with really good results!... you will not get bored with me!!.

Laura - Santa Barbara / California - Would you like to learn Spanish? After Chinese, Spanish is the second language more spoken all over the world and I'm going to help you, I'm the Spanish teacher that you are looking for. One of the most exciting things of a language learning process is to share time with a native speaker and learn about his/her culture. I offer mornings and evenings from Monday to Friday and only mornings on Saturday. Private lessons will begin on January/February 2012, in Santa Barbara ( California). Lessons will be dynamic and fun, groups or private, you will learn easily all about the language: grammar, spelling, writing, listening... as well as the culture. From kids to adults, different ages, different levels... YOU WILL LOVE SPANISH! If you are interested send me and email with: - Name & surname - Age - Spanish Level - Telephone number - Email See you at the lessons! Hasta pronto! lauraserendipity@hotmail.com

Claudio echarri - WEST Hollywood / California - Private lessons by experienced native Spanish speaker tutor available for children and adults. Over four years of experience tutoring Spanish to English speakers in NYC and LA Lessons are tailored according to each student’s specific needs. Any level of knowledge from beginner to advanced. Business Spanish lessons and conversational classes are available.


Jessica Soto - Aurora / Colorado - Hi, i am from Chile (south america) native spanish speaker and i live in Aurora, CO, I am studying in Denver and i´ll be here for about 5 months. If you have problems in this subject i´ll be happy to help you.

Gil Rodriguez - Aurora / Colorado - Spanish Tutor for Conversational Lessons or For High School Students Available!!! Anyone interested in learning/improving their Spanish? I possess a Bachelor’s Degree with 2 teaching certificates. I enjoy helping anyone who needs help by giving them tips on grammar, pronunciation, and general translation. Let's meet at a local coffee shop (I live in Aurora/SE Denver area) and see how I can be of help. I will not charge for the first lesson, and if you like it, we can go from there on some kind of agreement. If interested, please bring your study materials with you when we meet. Super affordable Spanish lessons/tutoring sessions!! I’m someone who was a past Spanish Teacher in both Texas and Colorado and I’m a native speaker. The past school districts where I’ve taught have included Adams 12 and Douglas County, plus 7 years in two school districts in Texas (one of which recognized me as Teacher of the Year). I offer fun, effective lessons, homework help and preparation, conversational, etc. Me: Experienced, outgoing, energetic, native from South Texas, and I can say that you will have fun hanging out with me for an hour or two, so no painful boring lessons!! Please e-mail me for any questions and let’s get you speaking PRONTO!!

Natalie - Centennial / Colorado - Come learn from someone with a true passion and knowledge for Spanish! I am a former Spanish teacher with a background in bilingual marketing and sales. Whether you need help with a Spanish class, you'd like to advance your career or want to learn conversational Spanish because you're a world traveler, I can help! I look forward to talking with you to discuss and design a tutoring program that will exceed your expectations! One-on-one and group sessions available.

Candy Holme - Centennial / Colorado - I am a new tutor who loves to speak Spanish. That's because I was born in Venezuela. I am still learning more advanced Spanish, but I can certainly help you learn Spanish if you are a beginner. I have taught regular education for ages, here in Colorado, but now I have more time to devote to teaching Spanish or English. Check out my videos on youtube and more specific information at edufire.com/candy

Leonore Dvorkin - Denver / Colorado - Teaching Spanish, German, and English to adults and teens since 1988. I have two degrees in languages, college teaching experience, and professional translating experience. I am also a published author. I work Mon-Sat, tutoring in my SW Denver home and in the Auraria campus library. $22/hr., $18/hr. per person for small group lessons.

Albert - Denver / Colorado - I'm a Spanish teacher from Barcelona, Spain. Licenced at University of Barcelona,Hispanic Philology. I;m teaching during seven years all levels in Spain and USA. I'm using a conversational metodology, you can talk basics phases at the end of your first lesson. I offer grammar lessons, conversation, Spanish bussines, Spanish for travelers, medical Spanish and Spanish tutoring for students. The prices are 15$ small groups(2-4)and 50$ for private lessons. I offer materials. If you have interest about it contact me. Feel free.

Karina Snodgrass - evergreen / Colorado - I am full Bilingual teacher Spanish/English from Chile I have experience teaching children, teen & adults in groups or as an individual, I can help with all subject and topics, from just basic to conversational Spanish, my programs are easy and defectively.

Lynn - Longmont / Colorado - I teach Spanish in the Longmont, CO area. I studied in Spain for 5 months and Mexico for a month. I have a bachelors in International Management and Spanish.

Sofia Basulto - Thornton / Colorado - I am a native Spanish speaker from Mexico, I am bilingual and fluent in reading, writing, speaking and translating English to Spanish and Spanish to English. I am a Spanish tutor, and I enjoy helping people with my beautiful language. I teach all levels of Spanish, including Medical and Business Spanish. I teach Spanish and tutor all students K - 12 and College. I have experience teaching groups and one on one classes vocabulary, grammar and speaking lessons for beginners itermediate and advanced students. I will work with you to reach effective results. I love to work with kids, families and also with business professionals at all companies. If you want to take your conversational Spanish to a high level of competency for work, school, or travel, please contact me for a quote.


Carrie Fossella - Norwalk / Connecticut - I have a B.A. in Spanish and am well traveled throughout Spain and Latin America. I have experience working with students in grades k-12 as well as adults. My professional background is in social services where I directed academic outreach programs

Lindsay - Norwalk / Connecticut - I am a new tutor who loves to teach Spanish and English. I've just started in the education field, but I've seen how fun it can be to teach others. If you need help with homework or want to have some fun at learning a new language, I'm sure I'll be of some help to you!


Shasi Maldonado - Wilmington / Delaware - I have my Bachelor's degree in Spanish with a concentration in Literature. I've worked as both a teacher in the classroom setting as well as private tutoring. I have experience teaching toddlers, elementary school, middle and high school children. I have also taught a medical Spanish course to adults through a company I work for. I enjoy working with different age groups.

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Jose Hernandez - washington Dc / District of Columbia - Learn spanish in an effective, natural and professional way according to your needs with a teacher who has experience in topics for conversations. Spanish for Lowers, doctors, politicians, social workers, teachers, volunteers, and more!!!! Start now!!!!!!

marco - Washington, DC / District of Columbia - Spanish at Your Office is a small family business run by two Spanish teachers - my sister and me. We speak Spanish natively and hold degrees in Linguistics and Translation. Over the course of our long teaching careers, we have concentrated on teaching conversational Spanish to American business people, students, and fellow teachers. Currently, we specialize in teaching Spanish as a Second Language (SSL) to individuals and companies.


Maria Cecilia Alegria - Aventura / Florida - Native speaker with more than 20 years as a professor in several universities in Peru and Chile, a writer and a journalist with a Master's from FIU. I can give private classes at your home. I master the Inlingua Method and can provide the required books for any level. Only $25 per hour. Contact me at 305-332-1170 or write to my email jinjoque2001@yahoo.com Professionalism, enthusiasm and classes that you will truly enjoy! Special prices for small groups! Cecilia Alegria

Marilyn Recio - Coconut Creek / Florida - Spanish native teacher more than 20 years of experience conversation, grammar, reading (accent reduction) writing one-on- one Over the phone/online all levels welcome affordable 954-864-4688

SANTIAGO - Fort Lauderdale / Florida - I am a native Spanish tutor. Classes can be one on one or group classes, and rates are reasonable. Write me if you want to learn Spanish. Gracias!!!!!

Alicia - Fort Lauderdale to North Miami / Florida - ACCELERATED LEARNING BUSINESS INTERNSIVE & SEMI-INTENSIVE COURSES Ask about our LEARNING BLOCK REMOVAL SESSIONS. This is a special service to help busy business people who think they can't speak a foreign language. You will speak a foreign language with our EASY & FUN METHOD. AT YOUR LOCATION and we offer classes ON THE PHONE for US business people who travel a lot. If you are tired of taking cou

Jody Dreher - Hollywood / Florida - Musical Spanish language program for children, preschool and elementary. Tutoring for middle and high school students. Musical language CDs: Sing Your Way to Spanish with Jody, have won national Parents Choice Approved Awards. Numerous references available.

Leonardo Insignares - Hollywood / Florida - Colombiano y profesional en la ensenanza del idioma Espanol como segunda lengua.

Patricia Suarez - Jacksonville / Florida - Cuban American tutor. 10 years of experience at Koubeck M. Center, University of Miami, Fl. for Adult Education. Also, at Art & Drama Workshops. Level 1-3 and conversational Continental Spanish. Children from 6 and up in small groups only. Call for information.

Marcela Panizo - Miami / Florida - Learning a new a language calls for endurance, hard work, practice and patience; the question is: why not turn this painful learning process into an enjoyable one and get better results?. In our method we try to teach in an enjoyable manner, letting the student participate and have a real experience of the language. Call me immediately to start an enjoyable Spanish class.

Enrique Kates - Miami / Florida - Me llamo Enrique. naci en Cuba, y he vivido en Nueva York, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Republica Dominicana, Mexico otra vez, y en Miami desde el ’91 Soy un profesor altamente experimentado en la enseñanza de Ingles y Español conversacional. He impartido muchas clases a lo largo de muchos años. He desarrollado mi propio método. Tambien ENTRENO profesores . Empecé a dar clases de inglés y español en Berlitz, y llegué a ser director de uno de sus centros. Tengo muchos años de experiencia en la enseñanza de inglés y español a todos los niveles. Puedo enseñar desde nivel principiante hasta avanzado. Me enfoco a las necesidades/tema especifico del alumno. eg: negocios. Estoy muy orgulloso de saber que he ayudado a tanta gente a lograr sus metas con mi ayuda en aprender inglés y español. Esta es la mejor recompensa. Así que si de verdad necesitas aprender a hablar el idioma, contactame. Tu éxito es mi éxito. My name is Enrique! I was born in Cuba. And I’ve lived in New York, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Mexico again. And in Miami since ‘91’ I’m a highly experienced conversational English and Spanish teacher. I HAVE GIVEN OVER 70,000 lessons in a very successful and rewarding language teaching career. I’ve given many classes for many years. I developed my own language teaching method, and I also TRAIN teachers. I began working at Berlitz as a Spanish and English teacher, and worked up the ranks until school director. I have many years experience in teaching conversational English and Spanish at all levels. I can teach from a complete beginner level to advanced. I can focus on a specific need/topic the student. eg; business. I’m very proud to know that I’ve helped so many people achieve their goals because of my help in learning to speak English or Spanish. This is the most rewarding aspect of my career. So, if you really need to speak the language, give me a call. Your success is my success!

jaime r arias - miami / Florida - I hold a Bachelor's degree in Education specializing in Spanish and Bilingual Education. I have taught at all levels and are available to help you meet your expectations for language learning: conversation, reading, writing, grammar. I am in Dade County ready to help you.

Maria - Miami / Florida - I am from Madrid, Spain. I am a Spanish Private Instructor with a Bachelor and Master degree in the field of the Psychology and Education and I have the Florida Spanish Teacher Certificate. I am working for 2 companies as a Spanish Instructor as well as a private and freelance Instructor in Miami and I tailor lessons to my students needs. I can teach you at your home or office. I have references letters.

Rodrigo Castro - Miami / Florida - I am a native Spanish speaker with a degree in Music Composition and a minor in Spanish literature. I am fully bilingual. I was born in Mexico and grew up in Miami, Florida, U.S.A. I am currently looking to relocate to the U.K. and would be qualified to teach Spanish (conversational with proper grammar and literature) to anyone in England who may be looking for a private teacher. I would also consider working for an institution that may be hiring. I can work with all student levels.

Lyl Polanco - Miami / Miami Beach / Florida - SPECIALIZED IN CORPORATE CLIENTS AND COMMERCIAL TRANSLATIONS. Learn Spanish with one of Miami and New York City's finest native speaking tutors in the comfort of your office. Executive coaching to help you succeed with your company's short-term demands in Spanish (meetings, complete project management, slide presentations, conference coordination, etc.)

Alejandro Garcia - Miami / Miami Beach / Florida - Private lessons by experienced native Spanish speaker tutor available for children and adults. Certified translator with many years of experience tutoring Spanish to English speakers. Lessons are tailored according to each student's specific needs and are focused on conversation from day one! Business Spanish classes for professionals are also available. Beginner to advanced students are welcome. I can also help you with homework or to prepare for exams. Lessons can be held at my office or at a place of your convenience. Thank you.

Maria - Miramar / Florida - I am a spanish teacher with more than 30 years of experience. I work at a college level and I tutor k-12 grades. Hope my experience and enthusiasm serve well for this virtual community.

cristina - North Palm Beach / Florida - Oh-Lah provides Spanish and English language training for business executives, children and adults in Palm Beach County. All programs are customized and focused on achieving students’ goals and needs. Our approach is very pragmatic and based on your communication needs. Flexible schedule and affordable prices for groups and individuals. Contact us: www.oh-lah.com. Cristina (561-228-1375)

Fernanda*** - Ocala / Florida - I am an native spanish language instructor with 10 years of teaching experience. I offer customized one-on-one Spanish classes according to your needs and small Spanish group classes for all levels. I believe in teaching Spanish as a funny process in which I transmit my passion for this beautiful language.

alicia - orlando / Florida - Doctorate degree in Bilingual Education Spanish, 30 years teaching experience.

Adriana Lopez - Orlando / Florida - As a professional and Hispanic teacher I can give you essential basis to use the language in a business environment, administration, finances, health, communication, and several fields. I have extensive experience as an adult teacher and expositor; teacher for 8 years, and expositor for 15 years in an international organizations such as Colombian Red Cross and Pan-American health Organization in Colombia, South America. Actually, I have experience in to teach Spanish, conversation and grammar, I have 6 students, each one as private lessons.

Luz A. Rodriguez - Orlando / Florida - I have Foreigh Language (Spanish) k-12 certificate from the Bureau of Education and Department Of Education in Puerto Rico. I have extensive experience in the education field K thru 12 grades. You can learn spanish easy and quickly.

Jacqueline Muniz - Orlando, Fl / Florida - I am a university Spanish teacher. I teach all levels and all students.

Lydia De Leon - Palm Bay / Florida - I am a native spanish speaker. I also have a degree in spanish. I can teach you beginning spanish to advanced as well as conversational spanish. Affordable rates. Call - 321-327-5804

Johnny - vTzvlZzVCmVucXuCMSc / Florida - Wowza, problem solved like it never hapepend.

Cristina - West Palm Beach / Florida - Hola! I am from Spain and have been a Spanish tutor for eight years. I teach private and group lessons. I have a Bachelor's in Communications and love teaching. I believe in a pragamatic way of teaching Spanish by combining conversation with grammar, which I believe it's the best way to become fluent. Please, contact me at 786-351-8602.

Elizabeth Briceno - Weston / Florida - I have been teaching Spanish for several years and I love teach. I am certified in foreign languages Curriculum Coordinator and I was responsible for Corporate Programs in Spanish. Through the use of several teaching techniques, the student will develop strong conversational skills, listening comprehension and speaking. The student should be able to ask and answer simple questions, as well as perform simple daily routines such as: expressing aspirations and intentions, talking about preferences; asking and answering questions about life and work; talking about likes and dislikes, about actions that occurred in the recent past; I customized the Spanish programs (business, medical, law enforcement) for beginner, intermediate and advance students. Also I can help students to improve AP Spanish or SAT Spanish


Chris Castleberry - Atlanta / Georgia - Spanish tutor available. Native English speaker, but fluent in Spanish and spent last year in South America. Flexible availability.

Roberto - Atlanta / Georgia - Experienced Professional Spanish Tutor offering one on one teaching(and small groups) to learn Spanish. You will be able to learn grammar that will help you to speak correctly and we will practice conversation and pronunciation as well.

Ana Maria Talavera - Atlanta / Georgia - Spanish lessons given by a qualified instructor born in Lima with 5 years of tutoring experience. Become engaged in conversation from the first day of class! My lessons are, of course, very interactive and each of my lessons is custom made to meet your needs. No matter your level - I offer classes from beginning to advanced.

Spanish Lessons - Atlanta / Georgia - We are a team of experienced freelance native Spanish-speaking tutors teaching all levels and ages of students. We teach to companies and individual people and provide our personalized spanish lessons as tutors in the areas of Midtown, Downtown, Buckhead, and Dunwoody. Please feel free to visit our website and ask any question www.spanishlessons4you.com Also you can contact us at info@spanishlessons4you.com

Spanish Language Center - Atlanta / Georgia - The Spanish Language Center (SpanishLC) was founded in 2001 by its current director Juan G. Cortez. Today, after thousands of students, SpanishLC is available for Spanish classes in Downtown, Midtown and the Buckhead area - among others. Teachers trained with the SpanishLC’s method provide onsite instruction for corporations, groups and individuals throughout the United States. If you are seriously interested in learning Spanish with a well structured method by knowledgeable teachers, please contact us and/or visit our website www.SpanishLC.com.

Marcos - Atlanta / Georgia - I am a native Spanish teacher from Spain with +10 years teaching Spanish to all levels and ages in 3 different countries. I Teach ADULTS, CHILDREN, OR COMPANY EMPLOYEES in the Atlanta area. Excellent understanding of Spanish, Latin, Portuguese, and English grammar through advanced education (Masters level). Strong understanding of teaching pedagogy. Experience teaching advanced adults at the university level in Ireland and also young children at Atlanta and Chicago elementary and High schools. Extensive teaching experience, management and research experience. Author of publications. Committed to excellence. I believe that in addition to being a native speaker it requires experience, advanced education, and passion to be a good instructor. Serving the Atlanta area since 2000. Email me: marcosperezm@hotmail.com Gracias

Mayra Miller - Canton / Georgia -

Abad - Dalton / Georgia - I have a bachelor's degree in Education. Spanish is my first language. I have three years of experience teaching English and Spanish. I know what it takes to learn a second language. I work with small groups or with individual students. I work at Dalton Language Institute teaching Spanish and English. www.daltonlanguage.com

Alexandra Vineyard - Kennesaw / Georgia - I am a Colombia-native teacher who has earned a bachelor’s degree in Modern Language and who is studying Linguistics and Spanish as a master's degree. I am willing to apply my 16 years of teaching experience in second language learning in order to help you improve your proficiency in Spanish. Just contact me.

Gladys Garcia - Lawrenceville / Georgia - Offering private and small group Spanish lesson to children and adults. Beginner and Advanced lessons available. I am a certified teacher and native Spanish speaker. Classes located in Lawrenceville, GA. For more information, contact Gladys Garcia at 678-707-9793


Diana Woods - Marietta / Georgia - I am a degreed professional teacher from Barranquilla, Colombia and am fluent in reading, speaking and writing Spanish. I can teach or tudor students of any age to learn spanish for everyday conversation, work or travel. Chao!

Maria - Marietta / Georgia - I am a native born Colombian and am fluent in both English and Spanish. I am available some evenings and on weekends during the day. I charge $25 per hour with a two hour minimum. I can meet you in Roswell, Sandy Springs, Marietta, Smyrna, North Atlanta or Kennesaw, Georgia.

Dalia - Marietta / Georgia - Professional Spanish Italian & English lessons. I am quad-lingual and specialize in Spanish & English. I am available 7 Days a Week-8am-8pm. Private & small group lessons are offered for professionals, students and travelers.

Spanish in Atlanta - Marietta / Georgia - Professional language instruction in East Cobb County- Marietta. Spanish instruction for professionals, students and for recreation! 2501 E. Piedmont Rd. Suite 204 Marietta Ga 30062 (678) 517-9715. We are available 6 days a week! 8am-8pm except on Fridays. Spanish, Italian and English classes are available

Annie - Metro Atlanta / Georgia - Hi.. My name is Annie and I am a bilingual mother of two and grandmother of one that is offering Spanish tutoring for all ages. I come to you, or you can come to my home. Whichever you prefer. More than 15 years experience. Do not have website yet for I just moved to Douglasville, GA from Miami FL. Please call for further details (770) 310-4446. I also tutor small children in many other subjects. References available.

Tanya Hickson - Norcross / Georgia - Seeking part-time Spanish teaching opportunity. Specializing in innovative teaching methods for young people and adults, I have been fluent in Spanish for 15+ years and lived in Latin American for two years. Five+ years cumulative teaching experience in the US and Latin America. MA, Spanish linguistics and pedagogy (2010) BA, Foreign Language and Communication Media (1997)

Melissa Hughes - Smyrna / Georgia - I have studied Spanish for almost 10 years. I majored in foreign language at Kennesaw State University. I have a strong knowledge of basic and intermediate grammer for people that are having difficulties in this area. I know a lot of tricks that will help you to learn and remember spanish. I am very passionate about teaching spanish and like to make learning fun.

Henry Higuita - Tucker / Georgia - I´m a Spanish Teacher looking for a job. Thanks

Merba Chamizo - Villa Rica / Georgia - I am a native spanish speaker from Cuba, I have been teaching spanish to children and adults for four years. My Program is for everyone who wants to learn spanish. If interested, please contact me. Thank you.


Marie Portuondo - Silver Spring / Hawaii - I am a Spanish teacher in search of students who need tutoring in Spanish. I taught in the Washington DC Public Schools for 12 years. I can tutor all levels of Spanish. I presently hold a valid certification in the Spanish language. I love to work with students. My experience has been with high schools and college students. I am a native speaker of the language from Cuba, but I grew in the Washington DC area. Presently I reside in Silver Spring, Maryland.


Paola Bayona - Berwyn / Illinois - Spanish teacher tutor. I believe to possess the attributes necessary to succeed in this role. I was employed for the last 3 years in a school in Colombia as a Spanish –English teacher. My experience in the school has afforded me the opportunity to become familiar with ludic and pedagogical teaching strategies for children and young people from different ages and grade levels. I also have experience leading research projects thanks to the emphasis in research that promotes the school.

Lou - Chicago / Illinois -

Christina - Chicago / Illinois - I am a Spanish (and Italian) speaker who has been tutoring for 5 years. I have taught Spanish at the high school level and I am currently teaching at the university level. I have a Masters in Spanish literature and I have studied and lived in Spain. I am available for private or group tutoring sessions in the Chicago area (including suburbs)for all age groups. Sessions are designed specifically to the learners needs and the rates are reasonable. ¡Hasta pronto!

Juan Guillermo Cortez - Chicaog / Illinois - Director and founder of the Spanish Language Center (SpanishLC) in 2001. Thanks to SpanishLC’s effective teaching method it quickly expanded to three locations. Today, after thousands of students, SpanishLC continues to offer classes at its three locations in the Chicago land area. In addition, teachers trained with the SpanishLC method also provide onsite instruction for corporations, groups and individuals throughout the United States. If you are seriously interested in learning Spanish with a well structured method by knowledgeable teachers, please contact us. Please visit our website www.SpanishLC.com to learn more about us.


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Paul Kossof - Northfield / Illinois - Spanish major at Villanova University; I read Spanish fluently and I am proficient with grammar skills. Available to tutor on the North Shore. High School level or below students, please!


Dagmar Martinez- Breeden - New Salisbury / Indiana - Native Spanish Speaker with a Minor in Hispanic Studies. Offer Spanish Tutoring/Class after 3pm. Accent FREE. Flexible Hours. For information call 502- 377- 5729 or email dagmarbreeden@gmail.com


Eva - Davenport / Iowa - I am a native Spanish speaker. I have a teaching certificate (Certificado de Aptitud Pedagógica) and during my English philology degree I was taught several subjects related to teaching. As for my work experience, I have taught Spanish to a group of people from different nationalities. I also taught private English lessons to a secondary school student for 3 years (she has successfully finished secondary education). I like using different techniques to make lessons enjoyable and can adjust to your schedule.

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maria garcia - lexington / Kentucky - I am from Bogota Colombia, so I'm a native spanish speaker. I offer classes for those who are interested in learn, practice or improve their comunication skills in spanish. Individual or group lessons.

100% SPANISH - Louisville / Kentucky - 100% Spanish Language Center - Louisville, KY 100% Spanish Language Center offers courses to students at all levels, from complete beginners to advanced. We work with you throughout your course to make sure that you are studying at the correct level and that you progress satisfactorily through the program.

Los Monitos Spanish Programs - Louisville / Kentucky - Los Monitos Spanish Programs provides excellent Spanish language instruction to both adults and children in Louisville and surrounding areas. We also provide customized workplace Spanish programs for businesses and hospitals. Call us today for more information.


Anita Robertson - BATON ROUGE / Louisiana - I am a private Spanish teacher and I can teach you how to speak basic Spanish in ten half-hour sessions or less. I charge $25 per session. Senior Pastors receive 50% off and full time missionaries to foreign countries receive 75% off. Group rates are available. Your first session is free.

victoria - baton rouge / Louisiana - Hi, If you are interesting in to improve your Spanish skills I can help you. I have 4 years of studies in Spanish and also I have one degree in ESL. I like to teach children, teenagers and adult people. Don't wait more time now is your opportunity to learn Spanish Language.

alberto - baton rouge / Louisiana - Experienced tutor, native from Spain. Lessons, school tutoring, conversational spanish, etc. flexible scheduling. All levels and ages. Private Lessons - $20 Groups - $15 per person Excellent quality of learning and great atmosphere!

Marjorie Firmin - Baton Rouge / Louisiana - I am a bilingual teacher of Spanish. I have 15 years of teaching experience and 24 years of translation. I host tours to Costa Rica. I can help you plan a trip or connect you with you with the right places to take a class there. I am here to provide you with the best service at a very affordable price. I tutor children from k-12, and adults. For adults I can design a program based on their needs: business, medical, legal, etc. Spanish is fun to learn.

Krystina Caballero - Lafayette / Louisiana - I teach specialized Spanish and ESL classes for business, as well as open enrollment ESL classes at Remington College. I am also available for tutoring in English and Spanish, as well as translating and interpreting.

Martha Loya - YOUNGSVILLE / Louisiana - I am a certified bilingual teacher and I can teach you how to speak Spanish, school tutoring, and translations spanish->english, english-> spanish. Flexible scheduling. All levels and ages. I charge $25 per session. Your first session is free.


Nora Buendia - Bethesda / Maryland - Experienced tutor, native from Colombia. Lessons, school tutoring, conversational spanish, etc. flexible scheduling. All levels and ages. Private Lessons - $25 Groups - $15 per person.

Juliana - Brunswick / Maryland - I'm a professional native speaker from Peru, with Bachelor degree. I teach all levels of the Spanish Language including the Hispanic culture.

Leticia Rodriguez - Burtosville / Maryland -

rosa crowley - cumberland / Maryland - Rosa,cumberland/Rhode Island.I am an experienced and qualified native Spanish speaker Instructor and I offer customized one-on-one Spanish/English classes according to your needs and small Spanish group classes for all levels, also for corporations. For your convenience Private classes are placed at the library, your home or your office. Classes can be arranged at any time.(rcrowley88@yahoo.com)

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Emiliano Sor - Silver Spring / Maryland - Buenas, hola, que tal? Are you looking for an experienced Spanish tutor and teacher? If so, let me know. I am a native Spanish speaker with six years of experience teaching Spanish in higher education and on one to one basis. I teach individual and group lessons in all levels.

DL Reed - Upper Marlboro / Maryland - I am a history teacher in Prince George's County looking to learn Spanish within the next year starting from the basics.


LISSETTE - Boston / Massachusetts - Experienced Spanish or ESL Tutor in Boston, MA available now to assist you improve your bilingual skills in the lovely languages of Spanish or English! With experience since 2004, I tutor adults and teenagers from many walks of life. Your own language resources that may assist our sessions are highly encouraged! I meet with students in public settings around the city, for the most part in Back Bay. Hours are daytime and early, evening hours on weekdays. Saturday afternoons may also be a possibility. Thank you!

Gomez - Boston / Massachusetts - Spanish Tutor, with experience, currently available to assist with your language skills in SPANISH! With experience since 2004, I have tutored adults and teenagers from many walks of life - including local, university students. Homework assistance is also a possibility! I also have experience, since 1994, as a Spanish Interpreter for local organizations. I meet with students in public settings within the city. Hours of availability are daytime and early, evening hours on weekdays. Saturdays may also be a possibility. Hourly rate is $35 (2 students, at a time, for $50). I look forward to hearing from you! Thank you.

MásSpanish , LLC - Boston / Massachusetts - MásSpanish offers flexible, personalized private and small group Spanish classes throughout the Boston area. Our unique programs get you communicating in Spanish right away and keep you on track toward fluency.

Carmen M Darder - Brookline / Massachusetts - I am a Spanish teacher, native speaker from Spain, with a degree in Education. I have extensive experience as a Spanish Language teacher both in Spain and the US. I teach adults and children, all levels. Rates are $30 per hour. http://www.linkedin.com/in/spanishlessons http://carmenspanishlessons.blogspot.com/

MásSpanish , LLC - Cambridge / Massachusetts - MásSpanish offers flexible, personalized private and small group Spanish classes throughout the Boston area. Our unique programs get you communicating in Spanish right away and keep you on track toward fluency.

Ivan - Cambridge, Boston / Massachusetts - Hello, My name is Ivan Sifrim. I am an Argentinean and Canadian Citizen that will be moving to Boston for good starting Feb. 6th. Since I will be establishing a new clientelle, my prices will be very affordable and I will be willing to come to you for lessons. Taking advantage of my background regarding my native fluency in both English and Spanish, I have also been working as a Spanish tu

Lopez - Lenox / Massachusetts - Learn Spanish One-on-one or in a Small Group Class. Affordable rates!

marige bursaw - lincoln, / Massachusetts - Colombian born and raised, graduated from Duke University. Many years of experience teaching and tutoring. Healthcare and education background.

chqmfqq - NY / Massachusetts - l8ai4R nkdcudpdiujq, [url=http://eufjuebyiugw.com/]eufjuebyiugw[/url], [link=http://rnyoibxujueb.com/]rnyoibxujueb[/link], http://fzbhkhbijzzf.com/

Angela Cappucci - Stoneham / Massachusetts - Hola! My name is Angela Cappucci. I am from Mexico and I am a native speaker of Spanish. I have experience teaching both at college and high school levels. I am a certified to work with all levels of Spanish. I love teaching my students more than the basic grammar skills. By the end of each year, my students can talk to me in Spanish. Bring your friends with you is more fun. Individual sessions or group sessions $20.00 per person. I work right on Northeastern University Campus.

Marisa Lopez - Wakefield / Massachusetts - I'm a Colombian native, raised & educated here in the US. I graduated from a top liberal arts school with a double major in English & Spanish, and am a licensed Spanish teacher by the Mass. Dept. of Ed. I have 4+ yrs experience tutoring students of all ages and skill levels. I look forward to helping you "hablar el espanol"!


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jennifer manriquez - plymouth / Michigan - Professional educator with a Master's degree in Bilingual Education. 12 years teaching Spanish and English as a Second Language for toddlers through adults. Certified educator with experience in classroom and private settings. Services include group lesson, private tutoring, translations.

Laura - Warren / Michigan - Native Spanish Teacher from Chile. Eight years of experience teaching in public and private schools with students from kindergarten to adults. Located in Warren MI. My students really enjoy learning through games, songs and other motivational techniques!!.


Ulises Rodriguez - Eden Prairie / Minnesota - I’m a professional ESL and Spanish instructor with more than twelve years of experience in teaching. I have a BA in Foreign Languages from the National University of Honduras, and a Masters in Teaching from the School of International Training in Vermont. I’m a very patient, encouraging and dynamic teacher. I use a variety of techniques, activities and materials.

STAR Tutoring - Richfield / Minnesota - All levels of Spanish language instruction available. Tutoring held in your home or at a local library. We offer several tutoring packages to fit your unique needs. Contact us today!


Janeth Galicia - Clinton / Mississippi - I have a Mexico BS and MS degree in Education and have taught English in secondary schools in Mexico. I am moving to the USA with a visa and wish to ocntinue teaching.

fndlea - New York / Mississippi - Gc5gze bojpfehzyhfq, [url=http://mzaitcqtnyuc.com/]mzaitcqtnyuc[/url], [link=http://ntqhstqazemv.com/]ntqhstqazemv[/link], http://iqawkdicztvl.com/

sulemi velasquez - ocean springs / Mississippi - I am spanish teacher who have taugth Spanish and Frech to diffrent level students. 10 year to offer you. I am willing to work with you and teach this beautiful language. I have a good methology which can show you that learning spanish is fun.


eyvawikdcs - NY / Missouri - UGRuLM dcxefohlewbq, [url=http://zwadkgolesax.com/]zwadkgolesax[/url], [link=http://lfcujpimuats.com/]lfcujpimuats[/link], http://imimtbhiabyk.com/

Christina Alonso - St. Louis / Missouri - Indvidualized Spanish tutoring, translations and interpretations. Over 10 years experience with all age and fluency levels. Specializing in Castillian Spanish with impressive results.

spn2eng - St. Louis / Missouri - Spn2Eng specializes in coming to your location and providing a structured and effective Spanish Language course. We offer programs catering to corporations, adult and youth groups. Consider Spn2Eng for your Spanish translating and interpreting needs as well. Some of our past clients include: Monsanto, Emerson, Pfizer, Westin Crown Hotels, FedEx and more. Call us to find out about scheduling lesson

Holly Horn - St. Louis / Missouri - Customized Spanish Tutoring - Holly Horn is a caring, encouraging Spanish tutor with 26 years of experience teaching both children and adults. Sessions are relaxed and fun, yet challenging. If you would like more information, feel free to visit her website, holly-horn.com


emsrab - New York / Montana - WrVYp3 pbdysxingnjb, [url=http://btesguvscbzo.com/]btesguvscbzo[/url], [link=http://blypclekzgrp.com/]blypclekzgrp[/link], http://zwotadiimzmy.com/


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bvuyur - NY / Nebraska - OeQT2m chpguawaqjkz, [url=http://gutdnbqwbkdc.com/]gutdnbqwbkdc[/url], [link=http://anzcjmhanoxn.com/]anzcjmhanoxn[/link], http://fkmiiyyyuwst.com/


John Mierzwa - Las Vegas / Nevada - CALA Academy (Cultural Awareness & Language Acquisition Academy) is a Spanish and English school in Las Vegas, with an emphasis on intercultural communication. (702) 257-6100 www.CalaAcademy.com We are committed to being the preferred resource for organizations and individuals with language needs in the Las Vegas area. We believe face-to-face language learning, with instructor feedback, is more effective than software or other methods. Our instructors make each class engaging and compelling, with relevant topics and a focus on conversations. CALA Academy’s exclusive program is configured to encourage personal growth, and allows the students to significantly improve their confidence and proficiency in all disciplines of the English language: Listening; Speaking; Reading; Writing. But The main focus in always on SPEAKING English.

New Hampshire

Amelia - New York / New Hampshire - I love the theatre buy orlistat australia "Practice Site"). Whereas, it is beneficial to the School to allow its students to gain practical buy femara online Saturday and Sunday 9:00 am – 8:00 pm (EST) generic version of tetracycline 26) Rotations outside of Texas ± are strongly discouraged; however, students assigned an

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New Jersey

osiris - / New Jersey -

alicia l. quinones - camden / New Jersey - Iam a native fluency speaker of spanish and experienced teacher and college professor, for childrens and adults, tutoring any level and teaching spanish for medical ,nurse, law enforcement, social worker ,farmer ,company,business and others/ welcome indiviual ,family and groups.reasonable rates.


karla - Englewood / New Jersey - I am a native Spanish speaker recently graduated from college with a major in Spanish Literature. I have been tutoring children for the last two years. I have dealt with translations regarding law and health. Contact me if you need help. My rates are reasonable.

Gladys Ben - Holmdel / New Jersey - Experience Spanish OPI tutor, Spanish native, with many success stories. Please call for a free evaluation. 732-946-3432

Karyn Albanesius - Morristown / New Jersey - Certified high school Spanish teacher with over 8 years experience available to tutor all levels. If you're a struggling student or one in need of a bit of extra help I can help you out!

Jean-Marie Molinaro - Morristown / New Jersey - I am a certified Spanish teacher and work in the Morris School District. I am available for any type of tutoring and or translating that you may need. Contact me if you need some help! I have over 8 yars of experience.

New Mexico

Margarita - Albuquerque / New Mexico - I offer Spanish lessons and tutoring for beginning or advanced levels. Grammar, Speaking, and reading practice for adults and children. Individual or small groups. Spanish is my first language. I was born in Colombia and lived there for 17 years. I have a Master's degree in Mass Communications.

Yuliana Kenfield - Albuquerque / New Mexico - Professional Spanish Language Instruction Yuliana Kenfield, native from Peru. -One on One private lessons or Small groups- Improve your grade! Improve your Spanish speaking ability! Prepare yourself for travel! Become bilingual! Get ready for your Spanish test (endorsements)! The sessions are based on the student's learning needs, I have high expectations, you will learn. Experience: • Professional, native speaking teacher (Master's in teaching Spanish as second language) • Excellent interpersonal skills, able to instruct students from diverse backgrounds • Patient with beginning students who are learning new language • Sensitive to cross-cultural issues, insights into Latin American culture, business, history & politics *Different teaching materials, videos, audio, etc. as needed. For more info, contact me at your.spanishteacher@gmail.com I look forward to hearing from you!

SpanishABQ - Albuquerque / New Mexico - Learn Spanish in a group, one-on-one, or online environment. We teach Spanish to company employees, children, and adults who want to improve their skills whether it is for work, school, or pleasure. We have been teaching in Albuquerque and Rio Rancho since 2005. All of our instructors are experienced, native Spanish speakers, fully bilingual, all with Bachelor's degrees. We bring the instructor to you or you can come to our Spanish School located in Albuquerque, NM. We use different Spanish teaching methods depending on your goals. Whether your objective is to learn to communicate in Spanish with others in your profession, improve your vocabulary and Spanish pronunciation skills, travel to a Spanish-speaking country, or help your kids get better grades in their Spanish classes, at SpanishABQ we can help you! Visit us at http://www.spanishabq.com or e-mail us at spanishabq@gmail.com

New York

Cathy Blanch - Albany / New York - Spanish teacher, private instructor and tutor, available for one-on-one coursework with your or my curriculum. Also available for corporate trainings on Spanish-in-the-Workplace, providing your workforce with the necessary tools to communicate effectively across cultural lines. Classes and rates will be subject to your specific needs. I have taught and studied in Barcelona, Spain.

Israel Lopez - Brooklyn / New York - Learn Spanish One-on-one or in a Small Group Class with an Expert Native Instructor in Brooklyn, NY. Affordable rates! Hola, I am a Spanish teacher born, raised and educated in Mexico, trained to Teach Spanish as a Second Language and currently studying my Masters in Spanish linguistics. I have 12 years of experience teaching and tutoring Spanish at all levels, from Elementary to Graduate School. I will teach you vocabulary, pronounciation, the structure of the language, and how to understand, read, write and communicate effectively as soon as possible and much more. I offer 1:1 lessons and small group classes of 4 people max. I am currently teaching several professionals and a few Middle and High School Spanish teachers. I have excellent references and offer you 100 % satisfaction guaranteed. What one of my students says: I have been learning Spanish for many years through High School and College, speaking with people who are fluent in Spanish, travel, tutors and reading on my own. I have learned more in the last year with Israel's one-on-one tutoring than any other form of teacher. He is organized, professional and enjoyable to work with and is expert at assessing my language skill level and challenging me at that level to learn the most I can. Even as a gringa I feel confident I will be fluent in no time. I highly recommend him at any level! - Leslie, Registered Nurse. Brooklyn. Private lessons $35 hr. Learn Spanish at your own pace. Learn Spanish in a small group $20 hr. If you are interested, please call 347-233-8335, reply to this post, or visit http://www.SpanishGym.com Gracias. I hope to hear from you soon.

Peter Kostakis - Congers / New York - I would be very happy to assist any student with Spanish studies and development of Spanish-language skills. I have seven years of classroom teaching experience. I have a NYS Permanent teacher certificate. My Masters credits are in Hispanic Linguistics, and I've completed the Ph.D. credits in Hispanic Linguistics. My instructional and tutorial experience ranges from grade seven through college - level Spanish. I have worked with many special needs students and also with honors-level Spanish students.

jorgelina canepa - cortlandt manor / New York - As a Spanish Teacher, I am dedicated to performing to the best of my abilities and providing you with a rewarding and enjoyable experience. Whether you have studied Spanish in the past or want to learn a new language, I can help you to meet your goals.

Dayna - Latham / New York - I have my BA in Spanish from State University at Albany NY. I have had experience tutoring in both Madrid, Spain and New York. By December of this year (2008) I will graduate with my Master's in Education.

Maria Montagner - Levittown / New York - I am a native speaker with 7 years of Spanish teaching experience. I have worked with young children as well as college students of all ages.

Diane Lizzol - Long Island / New York - Certified Tutor and Teacher. 10 years experience.\r\nSpanish and ESL Tutoring available

Kelly Callahan-Rossi - new city / New York - I'm looking to do tutoring or preferably translation/interpretation. I am of argentinian decent, deemed at the advanced-mid proficiency level by New York State and the OPI. I passed the Spanish CST and have a national certification for teaching Spanish grades 7-12 through NAFTA and NYSAFLT. Contact me via e-mail or telephone if you or your company is in need of my services. Currently my schedule is 100% open.

Juan C. Jurado - New York / New York - I have been teaching Spanish for 7+ years to a variety of people and have highly experienced instructors working with me. We take you in real life situations and encourage you to speak immediately. Schools teach a lot of grammar and then the students become really experts on that, but at the moment they need to speak, it is so difficult for them. What we do is to prepare the student to speak out

Yara Parreño - new york / New York - Hello I'm from Ecuador and I like to interact with people, I used to be a Spanish teacher when I lived in Ecuador, so I like to do the same here now that I'm living in New York. I'm 26 years Old and I have experience teaching Spanish and computers.

Ivan - New York / New York -

SpanishBlackBelt - New York / New York - Customized one-on-one conversational Spanish classes, tutoring, training and small group lessons for individuals and organizations.

Daniel - New York / New York - Private lessons by experienced native Spanish speaker tutor available for children and adults. Over four years of experience tutoring all sort of subjects in Spain. Lessons are tailored according to each student’s specific needs. Any level of knowledge from beginner to advanced. Spanish lessons are available. Meet once or twice a week in a loose, relaxed, fun SPANISH class.

Cecilia Guerrero - New York / New York - Cecilia Guerrero is originally from Ecuador, South America where she studied at The Central University of Ecuador and earned her degree in Education. Cecilia currently serves as a research assistant, focusing on networking religious leaders and organizations for the 2009 Parliament of the World's Religions. Cecilia is a professional teacher for a Spanish language school in Chicago. She has provided linguistic services in a variety of professional fields including doctors, lawyers, executives, community leaders, and religious leaders. In addition to pursuing her legal degree, Cecilia is very active in voluntary community work. She founded a Therapeutic Center where children with special needs are helped. Currently she is running a Online Spanish School and a Immersion Language program, where she gets international students in Ecuador and help them to enjoy nature, culture and beautiful places in the country.

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Diego - New York / New York - Until August where to get cheap accutane Non-ECCA NCPDP Reject Code 13 M/I Other Coverage Phenergan Codeine Syrup Low-cost PHO Yes Y4Z $0 $0 diflucan cost without insurance Students are expected to progress in their level of competency throughout the rotation block.

Gabriella - New York / New York - Three years desyrel 75 mg July 2009 10.0.7 MEVS Denial Codes - Table 2 Phenergan Tablets 25mg below approval process. If permission has not been obtained prior to the meeting then the clomid rx Sit in on a patient interview. buy cheap clomid Version 2009 - 1 (10/01/09) Page 49 of 54

Esther López - Ronckland County / New York - Learn Spanish in a practical, easy and fun way!. Native speaker. University graduate. Experienced Spanish instructor provides tutoring to individual or small groups. Classes designed on your needs. Reasonable price.

Monica - Schenectady / New York - I am a native Spanish speaker, my family is from Spain. I am the Regional Teaching Manager of a Spanish program for children ages 1-8, Hola La, LLC. We offer classes in Wilton, Malta, Delmar and Niskayuna NY as well as Boston area & Washington DC.

Esther López - Tappan / New York - Learn Spanish in a practical,easy and fun way. I´m a native Spanish instructor with more than 10 years of experience teaching kids, youth and adults. I provide tutoring to individual or small groups. Classes designed for your needs. Reasonable price.

North Carolina

Luz Algarin - Concord / North Carolina - Profesora Algarín is a published autor. She is a Spanish teacher (K-21). She has a MS from the Universidad de Salamanca (4 points). She is now working on the production of her first set of Spanish CD's.

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ERIKA TRONCOS - raliegh / North Carolina - I am a native Spanish speaker with 6 years of Spanish teaching experience in Spanish I.II,III,IV and AP Spanish at a high school in North Carolina. I hold a bachelor degree in Education with a mayor on Latin History.

alejandro - snowcamp / North Carolina - well i am an hispanic guy who have to teach spanish to my teachers for my senoir project but i dont kono how to start to teach

North Dakota

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Jennifer - Akron / Ohio - Hola a todos! I am a part time instructor at the University of Akron and have lived abroad in Mexico for over a year and a half. I have done private tutoring as well as classes for 1 or more students. My rates are: $30 for a private 1 on 1 session $25 per person for semi private: 2 students $15 per person for groups: 3 or more students Generally I meet with students at a mutually convenient location, usually a coffee shop type location. If interested, please email me! Nos vemos!

Dona - Akron / Ohio - Saludos a todos! Hello, I am a Spanish tutor, fluent in Castilian Spanish after having lived in Spain for several years. Yes, I speak Spanish with the famous "Spanish Lisp." For conversation and elementary grammar classes I charge $20/per hour. Please don't hesitate to contact me and I look forward to helping you improve your Spanish!

Paul Breidenbach - Cincinnati / Ohio - I learned Spanish as a child in Colombia and Ecuador and have been teaching children and adults in the Cincinnati area since 1997. Available to teach individuals or small groups, all levels. Meet at the Community Center in Glendale or at mutually convenient locations in greater Cincinnati. Hasta pronto!

Liliana - Cincinnati / Ohio - Hi! I´m a native speaker and I can help you to learn conversational and grammatical Spanish Don't hesitate to contact me by mail to have a first meeting.

Denise Acota - cuyahoga falls / Ohio - I am from Mexico and moved to Ohio a few years ago. I would love to use my skills to help others. My rate is $18 an hour and I tutor children and adults.

Doug Heidenreich - Liberty Township / Ohio - Since 2006 SpanishFUN of Ohio has used our own unique system for introducing young children to the Spanish culture and language. We provide our classes working in conjunction with local childcare centers, preschools, elementary schools, and even Saturday morning classes at coffee shops! Our easy-to-follow and FUN curriculum teaches young children Spanish basics including numbers, colors, everyday words and phrases. Our goal is to ignite children’s bilingual interest at an early age. Email us at heidenreich4@gmail.com or log on to www.SpanishFUNofOhio.com for more information!

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Karin - Oklahoma City / Oklahoma - Providing personalized Spanish classes, programs and activities that support and instruct youth and adults as wells as exposing them to the Spanish language and culture, promoting respect and diversity. One on one classes, Group (up to 6) classes Corporate classes Spanish for business Tutoring & homework help General Translations Café & Español Cultural activities: Bilingual storytelling Culturama

MANUEL BURGA - Oklahoma City / Oklahoma - Manuel – Oklahoma City/Edmond. I’m a native Spanish speaker. Spanish Teacher in schools and college. Oklahoma Teaching Certificate (Spanish and Social Studies). Juris Doctor Degree,actually studying Master in Spanish as a Second Language. I can help children and adults to learn Spanish (conversation, grammar, spelling, essays, homeworks). I’m available for one on one instruction and for groups with discount.


Pattie - Eugene / Oregon - Learn Spanish in Eugene, Oregon. Multiple on-going lessons and tutoring for all levels, all ages. Sessions are based on conversation development for practicing your new language.

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Outside US

Ilsi - / Outside US - Please, delete my profile I am not an Spanish teacher anymore Thank you ----- Ilsi Blanco - Toronto / Canada - I am a native Spanish speaker from Venezuela (female). I have been teaching Spanish for almost 3 years. My approach is based on encourage conversation all times. My students talk, write and read topics of their interest. In my opinion, by doing this, the learning process will be more effective and fun. Hasta la vista!!"

L.Perez - / Outside US - Do you want to learn Spanish without leaving home? Online LA Spanish lessons with native speaker. Classes are tought using a specific teaching platform, which includes blackboard, power point presentations, voice and video, etc. So, if you want to learn Spanish at home, try my lessons!

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Sebastian - Bogota - all - work from home / Outside US - **** Work in the U.S. Live Abroad **** **** Guaranteed Weekly Pay **** We are EVERGREEN VAN LINES, headquartered in Hollywood Florida. We transport vehicles all over the United States. Our International Sales Force consists of a worldwide network of work from-home sales representatives. * Guaranteed Weekly Pay. * FREE Training. * FREE Live Support. * A true opportunity for stay at home parents. * Native English and sales experience is a must. Our Sales Reps work from 4 to 10 hours per day and each makes from $200 to $900 US per wk. Our sales department. Visit our website: www.evergreenvanlines.com To start training today please contact Sebastian: Office - 800-794-1608 Cell - 954-213-7877 Bogota - 315-290-3373 Email - sales@evergreenvanlines.com

Fernando Arenas - Budapest / Outside US - Hi! My name is Fernando and I teach Spanish classes. The way I teach is the following: It may seem a little unusual but believ me it works. I teach through the phone. Normaly my students(at any place around the world) are called by me at an arranged time(on a land line) and we talk for 1-2 or 3 hours. The call has no cost at all as long as it is to a landline not a mobile. The good thing about this is that my students can learn to speak spanish through the phone at any time of the day while they are at work or at home cooking etc… Payment is easily done by Paypal and these classes are not expensive at all. Please let me know if you are interested. I can call you sometime so we can talk about the details. Have a nice day, Fernando

Hoda - Cairo / Outside US - I am a female egyptian. I have graduated from faculty of Arts, Spanish department. I was an honor student. I have been teaching English at Berlitz language center.I have been teaching spanish as a private tutor. I used to live in canda for 3 years and I would love to go back. Thank you.

Teresa Guilian, M.A. - Campbell/San Jose / Outside US - I have a Masters degree in Spanish and Learning Styles, and a BA in Spanish so I just love Spanish and teaching! Last year I completed my BCLAD (language learning theories) certification from Stanford. After several years of tutoring Spanish and English, I am very happy to have had 100% returning Spanish and English writing students, as well as positive feedback from each student. I tutor Spanish, and Writing Strategies. My style is RELAXED, very positive, as I teach a foreign language and even FUN whether it be a a language lesson, inc. writing. I think feeling comfortable is most important when trying to understand a new language. I also bring various techniques that include technology, short grammar videos, games, short culture videos, songs that the STUDENT likes, texts from topics that the given STUDENT likes, and I really customize each training session to get my student up to speed and able to understand the given concepts, no matter if it is Spanish 1, Spanish 5, or Italian 1. I lived in Spain in college and visited in high school. Please note I have a 36 hr cancellation policy. Thanks and I look forward to helping you one day soon improve your espanol.

Jennifer - Columbus / Outside US - Columbus Area: Hola a todos! I am an OHIO Licensed Spanish teacher (k-12) and have also taught university Spanish levels 101 102, 201, and 202. My Masters Degree is in Spanish and I have lived in Mexico City for nearly 2 years. My rates are: $30 for a private 1 on 1 session $20 per person for semi private (2 students) and$15 per person for groups of 3 or more students Generally I meet with students at a mutually convenient location, usually a coffee shop type location. If interested, please email me! Nos vemos! (Please note: I am no longer in the Akron/Cleveland area). Ad updated 1/24/2010

Leon W. Herndon - Detroit / Outside US - I love the Spanish language and culture. I learned to speak Spanish in the 3rd grade and am a certified teacher with preschool through college experience. I would love to help you asppreciate this wonderful language.

Rafael Castillo - Esteli / Outside US - I have taught Spanish as a second language over 16 years in Esteli. Get your first Spanish lesson free, the cost per hour is U$8 www.desafiospanishschool.com

Anna Pla Olive - Girona, Spain / Outside US - I would love to work in Canada and live here.I am working as an English, Catalan and Spanish teacher in a school. I have worked as a teacher for nearly 15 years. I am teaching to teenagers of 14 and 15 years old. I love children and I have three children of 10,8 and 3 years old. I am 42 years old and I am very energetic, easy going, talkative and good person.

Thais - Huntington Beach / Outside US - I have a BA in languages and have been a language instructor for about 10 years now. I have already worked for Fortune 500 companies and celebrities including Diana Krall. I offer Spanish lessons at a very affordable price: It's only $15 per hour if you come to my office here in Huntington Beach. I am very patient and my classes are really fun. CALL ME AT: 888.295.8067. MUCHAS GRACIAS!

Steven Wolfe - Largo, FL / Outside US - S T E V E N S C O T T W O L F E , B.S.Ed., D.E.L.E. Cell: 727.735.5483 E-mail: stevenswolfe@gmail.com SYNOPSIS: A dynamic Spanish Language & Culture Instructor, Translator, Interpreter and Editor whose true passion in life is teaching. A graduate of Pennsylvania’s oldest and most prestigious Teacher’s College, Millersville University of Pennsylvania. Taught Spanish in middle and high schools, as well as college settings in both Florida and Pennsylvania. Most recently lived and worked in Costa Rica from April to December 2009. Provides extensive prior work, travel, and study experience abroad within Spain, Puerto Rico, Mexico, and Costa Rica, as well as a strong ability in and understanding of Spanish-speaking cultures, languages, and lifestyles. Articulate and professional; multitask- and detail-oriented; organized; a leader and team player offering determination and vision; totally bilingual in Spanish & English and conversant in French. EDUCATION: Diploma de Español como Lengua Extranjera – Diploma of Spanish as a Foreign Language. D.E.L.E. http://www.dele.org Universidad de Salamanca - Salamanca, SPAIN. http://www.usal.es/web-usal/ July 1993. Bachelor of Science in Spanish / Secondary Education – B.S.Ed. - Millersville University of Pennsylvania - Millersville, PA. http://muweb.millersville.edu May 1992. Spanish / Secondary Education major. French minor. Spanish Secondary Education Teacher Program. Pennsylvania Teacher Certification: PA Instructional I. Successful completion: May 1992. TEACHING, WRITING, & EDITING EXPERIENCE: Book Editor Dr. Ivar Zapp, San Jose, Costa Rica Jan ’10 to Present · Currently editing the manuscript of a book for Dr. Zapp, entitled “The Cipher: The Origin of the Universal Tongue of the Ancient World.” Adjunct Instructor of Spanish Sep ’05 to Present St. Petersburg College, St. Petersburg, FL – USA www.spcollege.edu · Teach Conversational Spanish I, II, & III, as well as Survival Spanish for Travelers in the evening to adults within the College’s Continuing Education Department. Teacher of Spanish (Full-time, Permanent) July ‘05 to May ‘06 Northeast High School, St. Petersburg, FL – USA www.northeast-hs.pinellas.k12.fl.us · Taught Spanish I to grades 9, 10, 11 and 12. Teacher of Spanish Feb 2005 to May 2005 Tyrone Middle School, St. Petersburg, FL – USA www.pinellas.k12.fl.us · Taught Spanish I and Spanish II at Tyrone Middle School to grades seven and eight from April 4th, 2005 to May 17th, 2005 as a long-term substitute teacher, as well as substitute taught Spanish, French, and Language Arts in other middle and high schools in the district from February 2005 to May 2005. Adjunct Instructor of Spanish Mar ‘95 to May ‘95 & Sep ‘97 to Dec ‘97 HACC (Harrisburg Area Community College); Lebanon Campus, PA – USA www.hacc.edu · Taught two different introductory Spanish Language and Culture courses to adults within the college’s Foreign Language Continuing Education Department. Part-time, evenings. Teacher of Spanish (Substitute, On-Call, Per Diem) Sep ‘93 to Jun ‘95 School Districts of Pennsylvania: Mechanicsburg, West Shore, Middletown, & Northern Lebanon. www.pde.state.pa.us · Taught Spanish and French Language courses during the day to grades six through twelve within four different school districts while working at Inter-Media Marketing in the evenings. Student Teacher of Spanish Jan ‘92 to May ‘92 Reynolds Junior High School – Lancaster, PA www.lancaster.k12.pa.us · Taught six Spanish Language and Culture courses daily to 140 inner-city, middle school students in grades seven, eight, and nine while working evenings and every weekend at Inter-Media Marketing. BILINGUAL SPANISH/ENGLISH COOPERATIVE EDUCATION INTERNSHIP EXPERIENCE: Bilingual Interviewer May ‘90 to Dec ‘90 (Cooperative Education Internship – Millersville University) Princeton Survey Research Center / The Gallup Poll – Princeton, NJ – USA www.gallup.com · Conducted face-to-face interviews pertaining to various subjects for The Gallup Poll in both English and Spanish while attending Millersville University of PA as a full-time student. Earned three undergraduate credits in hispano-sociopsychology through this experience. Bilingual Home-School Liaison May ‘86 to Sept ‘86 (Cooperative Education Internship – Millersville University) Pennsylvania Department of Migrant Education – Millersville & Harrisburg, PA – USA www.migranted.state.pa.us · Identified the need for and created the position of Bilingual Home-School Liaison to assess the educational needs of Spanish-speaking children of Hispanic migrant workers through home visits in Lancaster County, PA for an intensive English immersion summer school enrichment program. Served as interviewer, translator, and interpreter for the Department. Earned three undergraduate credits in Spanish through this experience. OTHER EXPERIENCE: May ’94 to Dec ‘09 ARCUS – Hummelstown, PA – USA & Ultrapark, La Aurora, Heredia, San Jose, Costa Rica Jan ‘01 to Feb ’05 & Jul ’07 to Dec ‘09 General Manager - Latin America / Global Training Facilitator / Senior IT Technical Recruiter. www.arcus.net CIBER – Tampa & Fort Lauderdale, FL – USA / Corporate office: Greenwood Village, CO. Mar ‘07 to Jun ‘07 Bilingual Senior IT Recruiter. www.ciber.com RAYMOND JAMES FINANCIAL – St. Petersburg, FL – USA Jun ’05 – Jul ‘05 Senior IT Contract Recruiter. www.rjf.com KENDA – Tampa, FL & Harrisburg, Camp Hill, & Wayne, PA – USA / Corporate office: Salem, NH. Jul ’98 to Jan ‘01 Bilingual Senior Global IT Recruiter. www.kenda.com & www.hireability.com MGA Technologies – Michael Gray & Associates – Clearwater, FL & Lancaster, PA – USA Jul ’97 to Jun ’98 Technical Recruiter. www.mgatechnologies.com Wolf Advisory International / Arcus Staffing Resources - Tampa, FL & Lancaster / Wayne, PA – USA May ’96 to Jun ‘97 Candidate Specialist. IMM (Inter-Media Marketing) – Lancaster & York, PA – USA Oct ‘91 to May ‘96 Bilingual Outbound Educator – Trainer, Bilingual Insurance Agent, HR Recruiter, Sales Manager, Facility Manager.

Kelly Gilbreath - Lawrenceville / Outside US - I am a middle school Spanish teacher and I can tutor middle, high school, and college students on all Spanish levels. I began learning Spanish in high school and eventually majored in Spanish in college. I am a non-native Spanish speaker so I understand the difficulties of learning a second language and love helping helping others learn Spanish. Please contact me to discuss your learning needs.

nick fowler - Los Angeles / Outside US - I graduated from U.C. Santa Cruz in 2005 with a B.A. in Film & Digital Media and a minor in Romance languages. I have lived, worked, and studied abroad in Spanish speaking countries for months at a time on several occasions, which has greatly enhanced my oral and written fluency. I can help with your grammar, comprehension, reading, writing, and pronunciation... Check out my website for more information... www.westlalanguagetutor.com

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Craig Jull - Online / Outside US - Learn Spanish online and save money. Now you can get a qualified Spanish teacher right in your home with our personal classes. At http://www.121speech.com we tutor students worldwide everyday with our 1 on 1 classes. Try a free class and see how great our tutors really are.

Carmen Castillo - Panama City / Outside US - A Panama Spanish school that includes airport pickup, excursions to the Panama Canal and Colonial City, as well as salsa dance classes. The Spanish immersion program also includes Panamnian and Latin cultural activities. Your first best step getting to know Panama and Latin America. In the Republic of Panama.

Frederick - Parnu / Outside US - Enjoy your blog ) my blog

Zoraida - Paulsboro / Outside US - Hello, I am a native Spanish speaker with 32 years of teaching Spanish in the New Jersey public school system. I am hoping to retire soon and continue being a productive member of society. I am looking for translation jobs (Spanish to English and English to Spanish.

Cesar Galvis - Philadelphia / Outside US - Experience teaching Business Administration, Including accounting and Taxes. As Personal Life Coach and Business Consultant, I offer free speeches in Spanish and English to the students of Public Schools in Philadelphia

Dunora Alba - Phoenix / Outside US - Hola, me llamo Dunora Alba and I have a passion for teaching Spanish and our Culture. I have been a teacher for more than 20 years. I teach Conversational Spanish and Spanish for Specific Purposes. The programs are created to your needs and level. Groups or individuals. Classes are held at our place or yours. Very flexible in time an days. References are available. ¡Hablemos Español!

javier serrano alvarado - puntarenas / Outside US - I am English teacher in Costa Rica, so I would like to work in USA teaching spanish.

Julieta Sandoya - Quit / Outside US - Hi! I teach private 1:1 spanish lessons over the internet using skype and screen-sharing. I charge only $10 per hour for private lessons. I can do very small groups for slightly less per person. I have a graduate degree in Education and am a native spanish teacher with over 10 years experience teaching spanish classes.

Andrea Torres - Quito / Outside US - AGS offer courses according to the personal and professional needs of each student. Including programs like: Spanish Immersion, Medical Spanish, Spanish and Culture among others

Calvin Garcia - rosedale / Outside US - Hello,I am Calvin Garcia, I am looking for a Good and qualify teacher to teach my son. Do contact me with your field of studies or your Cv, your time frame and how much you will charge for an hour for a month. Email me on: thelordchosen4@yahoo.com Thanks, Calvin

Fermin Nuñez - San antonio / Outside US -

ileana borbon - San José, Costa Rica / Outside US - I have taught Spanish and English for more than 20 years(face-to-face and on-line). I enjoy watching my students' progress. Website:www.tutor-translator.com. I'll like to participate in the teaching activities.

Jacqueline Muniz - San José, Costa Rica / Outside US - Learn Spanish in Costa Rica I am now offering Spanish classes online. You can take Spanish classes in the comfort of your home with our live Spanish professor in Costa Rica. Your first online class is free and additional classes are $15 per 50 minute class. Of course if you prefer to have classes in person we are more than happy to have you attend classes in our classroom in Costa Rica. For more information please visit our web sight: www.centralvalleyspanishschool.com Or call us at our Miami telephone number: (786) 629-9878 Skype ID: central.valley.spanish.school

michael - san jose ,costa rica / Outside US - i am from costa rica ,i am looking a job as a spaninsh teacher in the us our canada , i am a good teacher i am looking a opportunity to teach students out of my country so if some out there give me the opportunity you will be glad to make me part of you staff thanks i am will be waiting and some answer.

Katja Bals - Santa Rosa de Heredia / Outside US - My name is Katja Bals, i´m 33 years old and bilingüe german and spanish. 2003 i finished my study as a teacher in germany. From 2003 to 2008 i taught german and spanish on a elementary school in germany and from 2003 to 2008 i taught spanish in spain to people from 18 to 55 years old. I have a teacher licence for elementary, secondary and college schools and a bachelor of arts in pedagogy and sociology. I love to teach on a school in canada.

carole yanez - SUNDERLAND / Outside US - British born, bilingual. Tutor in Holiday Spanish, or whatever level one may need. certificates obtained in Madrid. Thirty years experience.

Nathaly Sanchez - Washington DC / Outside US - Hi everyone ,Im a native spanish speaker and an architecture student.I have a lot of patience and teached before, very effective and interactive method, fun classes, flexible schedule. It would be a good experience to teach you all.

שי - ירושלים ובאר שבע / Outside US - אני רוצה ללמוד ספרדית עם כל התופסות שלו


Jafet Lopez - Allentown / Pennsylvania - Anybody interested in getting tutoring to learn either English or Spanish. I am a certified teacher in ESOL, Spanish, and Elementary Education. I also have a concentration in reading.

Iris & John Young - East Stroudsburg / Pennsylvania - Conversational Spanish - Any Level, Career & Age. Spanish Tutoring Services are offered to any person of any age interested in the Spanish Language. Iris, native Spanish speaker MBA (University of Denver, 1999), has 8 years of experience as a university professor. Currently, she works with children, teens and East Stroudsburg University students as a professional tutor.

Maestra Davis - Kennett Square / Pennsylvania - Is your child having difficulty with his/her Spanish subject at school? I can help! PA Spanish Native certified teacher with all clear background checks and 23 years of experience working with children. I cutomized all my programs and tailor them to your child's language needs. Services provided to Chester County, PA.

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Sandra DiLaura - Paoli / Pennsylvania - I'm an experienced University of Pennsylvania Teacher available for tutoring students and executives. Anywhere and anytime. If you travel we can use SKYPE. Lesson is 1 1/2 hour at least twice per week. Contact Sandy 610-761-2834 for more details.

Carola - Pittsburgh / Pennsylvania - I provide Spanish and English translations, adaptation and interpretation sevices as well as Spanish and English Tutoring. I graduated from the School of Business from the University Externado of Colombia

Diana - pittsburgh / Pennsylvania - I am a teacher and I am from Colombia. I am a native speaker and I will be glad to help ypu.

Nancy - pittsburgh,Cranberry / Pennsylvania - I am a native Spanish speaker, experienced tutor. I enjoy tutoring students in all levels. I prepare my lesson based on your learning style and goals. I teach at the North of Pittsburgh area.

nancy baron - seven fields / Pennsylvania - I'm native spanish speaker. I offer private lessons at low cost. Vocabulary and speaking lessons, all leavels and make it fun and enjoyable.Sent me a message, and I will answer you asap.

Spanish Tutoring Services - Stroudsburg - Bethlehem / Pennsylvania - Conversational Spanish Tutoring Services are offered to any person of any age interested in the Spanish Language. Please, for more information contact us.

Bertha Lopez - West Chester / Pennsylvania - I am from Mexico and I worked as a dentist back in my country. I have some experience with teaching, I have worked as a teacher in high school and middle school in Mexico. Currently, I am a stay at home mom.I teach spanish to people of all ages. Also, I teach the culinary art, customs, geographical locations, and the everyday life of people in Mexico.

alejandra - West Chester / Pennsylvania - Hola mi nombre es Alejandra, I am a native Spanish speaker from Venezuela. I am a Physical Therapy and Spanish tutor for more than one year. I am here to help all people, adults and children, to learn the second most popular language. I will teach you to read, write, and speak. If you are a bilingual person, you will have more opportunities. I also speak Italian and I can help you with this language if you want. I am committed to teach all students in the best way to learn Spanish. The best way to learn is to talk with someone who really knows the language!!! Let me know what you need and I will prepare my lessons according to your needs. Remember, Be bilingual!!! If you have any question, contact me.

Rhode Island

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South Carolina

Maria - chapin / South Carolina - Spanish is my native Language. I teach a small classroom using the Sonrisas Spanish Curriculum, for children of all 2 and up. I also have my child development credentials, and teach at a Montessori private school. I will help and tutor students of all ages, work at the student's pace and make learning Spanish fun.

Rosa Acosta - columbia / South Carolina - Do you want to learn Spanish ? Do you need help with your spanish lessons ? It is really easy, I am an Spanish Certificated Teacher, I enjoy teaching. I offer for private classes.

carlos martinez - goose creek / South Carolina - I am Carlos Martinez, Spanish native speaker from Colombia, with 22 years of experience in teaching in Colombia and The United States. Currently living and working in SC. I offer excellent Spanish classes with the correct strategy and materials for fast learning. Very patient to understand all your concerns when learning another language.

Paula - Rock Hill / South Carolina - I am a certified Spanish native speaker with a degree in Education-Spanish (K-12) and a Masters in Adult Learning-Spanish. I utilize effective teaching methods with high quality results and provide flexible hours and affordable rates. Look forward to hearing from you!

Tamra - Travelers Rest / South Carolina - I have been tutoring Spanish for the past 10 years and I was a high school Spanish teacher for six years. I have experience teaching elementary, junior high, high school and adult level learners. I offer private lessons or group lessons. If you are looking to learn the language, introduce your children to the language, or need a tutor for your high school student, please contact me right away. I have my own curriculum materials and will tutor to meet your learning style needs. Success, improvement is guaranteed!


David - Brentwood/Nashville / Tennessee - I am fluent both verbally and written in Spanish/English. I have a minor in Spanish from Lipscomb University and have traveled to various countries in Central and South America. I spent one and a half years in Peru and met my Peruvian wife there. I currently work as a court interpreter as well. I enjoy the language and culture and have experience teaching and tutoring Spanish as well.

Dana Williams - Cleveland / Tennessee - My passion for the Spanish language began more than 10 years ago when the beauty of the language first captivated me. On top of the minor in Spanish I earned with my 4-year-degree in Communication, I've traveled to Ecuador, Dominican Republic, Chile and Paraguay to name a few field experiences which have increased my fluency. In Paraguay, I taught English to ages 3-15 for 10 months. My strengths as a Spanish teacher best serve beginning through moderately advanced level learners. I believe in a fun, engaging learning approach based in an encouraging environment and mutual respect for learner and teacher.

Dominique Anderson - Collierville / Tennessee - Welcome to Spanish on Wheels!! I am a native fluency Spanish speaker. I have a BA in Spanish and a Masters in Spanish education. I was a Spanish teacher, with Memphis City Schools, for 9 years. I offer a 10 hour program, called Success Over Spanish, that focuses on teaching high school and college students: grammar, study skills, and a solid study system.

Yabnia - Columbia/Spring Hill/Franklin / Tennessee - Spanish tutoring,translating,transcribing and interpreting.

Anna Grabowski - Decatur / Tennessee - Hi! My name is Mrs.Grabowski. I am a Tennessee licensed teacher with 11 years teaching experience. I can help you learn Spanish and/or Biology. Meigs, McMinn, Monroe, Roane Counties. Individual or small group. Beginner to Advanced. Email inquiries: SpanBioTutor@aol.com

Coy Sandoval - Memphis / Tennessee - Native Spanish teacher with more than 15 years teaching experience. Tutoring sessions focused on increasing conversational ability. Event specific spanish tutoring also available. Guaranteed 2000 word vocabulary in 6 months! Move beyond Hola, Taco and Burrito! Contact me today.

Carlos Canelo - Memphis / Tennessee - Now you can learn or improve your Spanish in a casual atmosphere with me. I am a native speaker and I will provide sessions for those who are studying Spanish at school, learning the language on their own, or just wanting to pick enough of Spanish to make their travels more enjoyable. - Individual or groups. - Custom lessons to fit your learning style and ultimate goal. - High School and College level. - Servicemen and veterans encouraged... even Marines!

Frank - Memphis / Tennessee - I am a fluent Spanish speaker with 10 years of experience, including immersion in majority Spanish speaking environments. I am not a native speaker, but my academic roots in the language allow me the ability to address the special issues that come up with English speakers learning Spanish, issues which an untrained native speaker might not be able to address.

Kristin Brown - Memphis/ Bartlett / Tennessee - I currently teach Spanish in the Memphis City Schools while working on a Masters degree in Spanish. I have undergraduate degrees in Spanish and psychology. I have experience with tutoring adults as well as children. I currently tutor for online classes from the University of Memphis, but I'm willing to tutor any age or level.

Keirstin Showalter - Nashville / Tennessee - Looking to learn Spanish or English, need a tutor, interpreter or translator? Look no further. Private or group lesson available for children and adults. Certified translator with many years of experience teaching and tutoring Spanish and English. Lessons are tailored according to each student's specific needs and are focused on conversation from day one! Business Spanish or ESL classes for professionals are also available. Beginner to advanced students are welcome. I can also help you with homework or to prepare for exams. Lessons can be held at your home or at a place of your convenience. Thank you.

Shannon - Springhill/Nashville/Brentwood / Tennessee - I teach conversational Spanish at your convenience. Bring a friend and receive a discount. I have been a teacher of languages in Spain and South Africa for the past three years.


Kellee Day - / Texas - I am an experienced private school Spanish teacher, private tutor and translator. I hold a B.A. in Spanish from Southern Methodist University, magna cum laude, and I am a candidate for the M.A. in Spanish from Univ. of Texas at Arlington. I teach beginner to university level Spanish and I delight, especially, in helping struggling and learning different students. Allow me to help you reach your goals in Spanish!

Carlos Tuesta - Austin / Texas - I'm a native Spanish teacher from Peru, with a BA degree in Business. I have 4 years of experience teaching Spanish in Peru, Australia, and now in USA. I specialize in small group and one on one classes. I teach different levels (beginning to Advance, business Spanish) for only $30 p/h. I do translations too. I can help you to achieve your goals!. My phone # is 708-663-6339 (ask for Carlos). Nos vemos pronto!

Adriana - Cedar Park / Texas - My native language is Spanish. I am a Spanish tutor for kids and Adults with a lot of experience. My Program is flexible for different levels. My email is adrimavi@gmail.com. Email me and we will work in a specific lesson plan for you.

Henry - Converse / Texas - I'm a native Argentinian spanish speaker. I teach private and small group lessons for all levels. Spanish for travelers, high school students, college students and corporate groups. $25.00 per person per hour (minimum 2 hours). Group rates available.

nicolasangeles - corpus christi / Texas - I’m from Mexico City; BS engineering I’ve been teaching Spanish to American people; I translated books and magazines;I've been doing for 6 years

Rachel - Dallas / Texas - I teach private Spanish lessons and small group classes to adults. If you are interested in learning Spanish or your company would like to have on-site lessons for employees, send me an email.

monica johnson - Dallas / Texas - native chilean , use to teach at Berlitz for 10 years call at 469-831-0478

Gustav Tesche - Dallas Texas / Texas - I am a native Spanish speaker and I have 15 years of teaching experience in teaching and tutoring. I have tutored students of all levels. I am currently an executive for a large firm in Dallas Texas. I offer tutoring for individuals, groups and businesses/ organizations.) also provide proofreading and translation services.

Creda McDonald - forney / Texas - learn conversational spanish in the comfort of your office, school, or desired location today. Contact for a quote today.

Carlos A. Roncal - Frisco / Texas - I am a native speaker of Spanish, originally from Bolivia. I am a certified language teacher in Texas and Missouri. I also teach at the University of Phoenix and currently teach children, adults, executives and professionals. I speak Spanish, English, Portuguese and French My newly developed method will have you conversational in 3 months.

Larry Hilliard - Georgetown / Texas - Certified Spanish teacher. Bachelor's degree in Spanish/Secondary Education; Master's level courses in Spanish. Have studied, lived, or worked, in Spain, Mexico, all of Central America, and Colombia. More than five years experience teaching high school students and adults, to include Spanish teaching experience at the University of Oregon.

Christiane Zamudio - Grapevine / Texas -

Cynthia Johnson - houston / Texas - Spanish and French teacher for students of all ages and levels. Certified language teacher with lots of experience. Classes include materials. Classes in my apartment in Wilcrest 77042 or surrounding areas.

Clara Itzel Jaramillo - houston / Texas -

Elizabeth Riley Villalon - Mckinney / Texas - Private, personalized Spanish classes for all ages, from 4-94! Classes: 45 minutes long, no text required. Class availability is limited and classes usually take place during daytime hours from 1-3 pm or in the evenings from 7-8 and 8-9. Rates: $40/class; group rates available. Qualifications: I am a Texas certified educator with a degree in the English language and over 5 years of living and and working in Chile. Translation services also available.

Kimberley Scott - McKinney / Texas - I offer private and group tutoring in Spanish. I am certified in 6-12 Spanish. My strength is in putting students at ease as we work through problem areas together. Homeschool classes available in the afternoon.

Bilingual Pals - Plano, Frisco, Allen, Mckinney / Texas - Tutoring/Classes for ages 3-adult All levels Certified teacher and native speaker Small groups, semi private or private lessons Pleave visit www.BilingualPals.com for more info.


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Lorien Leyden - Burlington area / Vermont - With a BA in Spanish, studying abroad in Ecuador, then living in Spain for over five years, I have come across the many blunders that a native English speaker may find along the path to understanding and using Spanish. Tutoring Spanish is my passion...so much can be accomplished when there is one or two students only. I teach all levels...give it a try!


Edgar - Arlington / Virginia - Hola, amigo/a. Learn Spanish at your pace. Acquire the target language through communicative and grammar tasks by using a great variety of activities. I'm originally from Peru with a bachelor's degree in education and a teaching certificate from Cambridge University plus 20 years of experience teaching languages. Your learning will be based on your interests and goals.

Jamie Favazza - Chesapeake / Virginia - Virginia Licensed Spanish Teacher-I am available to teach or tutor Spanish for all ages; specializing in Elementary instruction K-8. Home instruction and instruction in Chesapeake are available. I will travel to Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Chesapeake or Suffolk.

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Dawn Strickland - Richmond / Virginia - Industry-specific, also called occupational, Spanish language training to businesses in Central Virginia. No prior knowledge of Spanish required. No grammar taught! If you wish to improve the services your company or organization offers to the Latino community, contact Dawn at 804.458.6119 Translation services also.

Michelle A. Gelrud - Richmond / Virginia - I am a certified Spanish teacher in Virginia. I love working with my students and am available to tutor as much as needed. I am very skilled at working with students to identify the best method of learning for them and developing study skills, activities, and exercises that compliment their learning style and help them to not only comprehend the language, but also to excel in it!

Ross Norvell - rocky mount / Virginia - I am a tutor for both English and Spanish language, I charge $15.00 per/hour or will do $5.00 per/hour for an online session. My profession is as a Spanish and English tutor for 2 years now. Hope to hear from you soon.

Lauren Holmes - Virginia Beach / Virginia - My name is Lauren Holmes, and I B.A. and M.A. and am fluent in Spanish, having taught for many years. I have taught and tutored as well as serve as an Online Professor, and I would be more than happy to help you to improve your language and conversational Spanish skills. I custom design lessons depending upon the individual, and have a great track record. Please feel free to contact me for affordable tutoring!

Valeria Lepe - Virginia Beach / Virginia - I'm an ESL teacher from Chile.I'm 27 years old and I have been living here in Virginia for 6 years.I'm offering Spanish tutoring for all levels and people who need to learn Spanish for work and/or travel purposes. Rate: $25 per one hour and $40 for two hours.


Hortensia Carroll - Mercer Island / Washington - Hortensia Carroll I was born in Mexico City but I live in Mercer Island, Washington. I have been teaching Spanish since 1994, at MISD to children and at MICC to adults. Recently,I am a language interpreter.

xzupjpuyhcj - New York / Washington - jDf90y yufqkkafjamr, [url=http://plrdybszcclg.com/]plrdybszcclg[/url], [link=http://ubuyxkguuyct.com/]ubuyxkguuyct[/link], http://srhvznygfwny.com/

Carolina Garcia - Seattle / Washington - I am native Spanish teachers with over 20 years of experience. I have Doctorate Studies in Methodology Education. I am working with Elementary, Middle School and High school students.Our clients range from families and children to executives from private businesses, the United Nations, the International Monetary Fund for all levels. We can also help with translations from English to Spanish, as well as Spanish editing and document reviewing/writing. Please feel free to ask additional information.

Urania Perez - Seattle, / Washington - I teach Spanish, all levels, one-on-one lessons or small group classes. Specialize in spanish for travelers and medical spanish but also teach spanish to help college- level and high school students with their homework. I'm a certified teacher from Venezuela and have 8 years of experience teaching spanish. Call for rates and open slots.

Rebecca Hallengren - Spokane / Washington - Learn Spanish using Loquella Online Language tool or using MP3 language lessons. Loquella language tool uses the method and material used by the Foreign Service Institute to teach you spanish.

West Virginia

Saundra Harvey - Martinsburg / West Virginia - I am currently in my last year of Spanish Education at Shepherd University. Willing to tutor in the evenings and weekends. I will be spending most of the summer abroad in Guatemala and Costa Rica but will be available beginning early August.

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