The 2 Spanish Verbs That Mean: To Know – Which To Use – Saber or Conocer?

In Spanish, there are two different verbs that mean to know – Saber and Conocer. So the critical question becomes when do you use Saber and when do you use Conocer, because these two Spanish verbs aren’t the same!


The Spanish verb Saber is used to express knowledge of information, facts and the ability to do something. For example:

Yo la verdad. (I know the truth.)
Nosotros sabemos cuantas personas viven en México. (We know how many people live in Mexico).
sabes bailar bien. (You know how to dance well).


Now the Spanish verb Conocer means to know people, being familiar with places or something, and it also means to meet (as in to meet someone). For example:

Yo conozco a Edmundo. (I know Edmundo).
Ellos conocen Paris bien. (They know Paris well (or They are familiar with Paris well, or They know pretty well what Paris is like).
Ayer, mi madre conocío a mi novia. (Yesterday, my mom met my girlfriend).
¿Te gustaría conocer España? (Would you like to get to know Spain?)
¿Conoces el restaurante cerca de mi casa? (Do you know (have you been there before) near my house?)

For example, you might know the population, weather and budget deficit of a country – in this case you use the Spanish verb Saber. However, if you actually visited this country and been there, then you can say you know it and use Conocer.